Meteoric (2/7 Chapters, 20k words)

All I can imagine is that the mic sounds like Nathan Explosion.

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By the way who’s the bassist in the band?


Oh ok i assumed it was but I might if skimmed over the fact as I got a little excited about seeing the mic and skimmed over it :+1:t2:

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@Lucas_Gendron You’ll see her play a little bit in each of the songs, but especially the groovy and catchy one

Good to know! i picked the metal route because i couldn’t resist and the concept of a lead singer who doesn’t listen to metal pull up to a gig and bust out vocals like that is amusing

they’re all metal routes :wink:

True, metal has so many different sub-genres and those genres have been influenced by so many different bands! What sub-genre is the “dark metal sound” going to be?

The band is a death metal band, and the MC’s choices will effect styles within that genre

Ohhh ok that’ll be interesting to see/hear!

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This is a cool W.I.P! I enjoy the story’s unique premise, I feel like there aren’t that many W.I.Ps that explore the “[reward here]… for a price” concept and this is pretty welcome.

I do wonder how bad the tribute requirements are gonna get as time goes on, though.

Here are some typos I found:

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@bow_kid Thank you :slight_smile: and good eye. I’ll fix these typos soon.

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