Merry Crisis (WIP) - Updated: 3 Apr '24 [220k words]

Ahhh Qui has bewitched me heart, body and soul!!! I need more!


The latest chapter is now available for EVERYONE!

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It’s seems there is the save slot erorr


So sorry!! Fixed it :slight_smile:




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Things I found

“How was I to know (Missing pronoun) actually gonna get good at it”

“I’m sure. Enjoy yoursefl.” (yourself)


I need more of Qui. I’m going feral! I’m like an addict at this point: the more I get, the more I need next time. What have you done to me?!


@burninglights I love the update so much but I think my heart already melt for Shay (sorry Qiu). I’m so torn between Shay and Qiu :confounded:


This is so good!!!


The Qiu’s route is absolutely perfect! I didn’t think that he will be so…open about his emotions and he’s even willing to move to different country. He sure seems like a whole new person when it comes to the relationship with MC (and of course i had to make it official!).
But i feel like it will be a tie between Qiu and Nat. The scene when he boil the evaporated milk for MC, it was just so sweet and fluffy!
And i didn’t expect the boxing part with Shay would be real boxing. I was like “Boxing day? That after Christmas, ok”. :woman_facepalming:

The graveyard visit was nice, the memories with grandma, MC’s mum crying. It was kind of like when me and my family go to the graveyard. (Minus the half an hour fight between the wind and whoever is the one to light the candles.) But i think there’s a problem: In the scene at the paternal urns, MC remember how his grandpa had four daughters and no son. So, MC’s dad isn’t a male?

Also i just love MC’s parents bickering. And the drawings of the characters are very nice and fit with the story (warm colors and it looks soft. It’s just nice to look at it.).


Is the newest update included in the public demo?

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yes! i just finished reading it


Qiu feels like the star-crossed lovers trope…

at first.

When the narrative and dialogue exchanges comparatively begin to play between your chosen recent EX- and your FIRST LOVE/SOULMATE, Qiu begins to peel off the page a little like the disastrophe that was “The Notebook” by Nicholas Sparks.

Of course it’s going to be as much a torrid romance of young and exciting love as it is intensely bitter given the aftermath; yet viewed through the lens regarding Nat and MC, everything begins to lose its luster, especially when Qiu confronts the issue [SPOILER]


head-on as your chosen visit with them to the Winter Fair winds down and reaches its close. You essentially are stuck telling them (if you are truthful) that

We’ve broken up.

Or you can of course commit to the path with Qiu. I suspect the

“…scale[ing] back…[of] expectations…”

on Qiu’s part is a stopgap measure that will end in heartbreak, and even Qiu recognizes the inherent folly of grasping at the worn threads of a dead albeit familiar relationship.

Loved. Loved. Loved it.

Everything succinctly summed up with:

You recognize every step of the way to disaster—but even at the very last moment, sense fails to win over. You know that this path will lead you to disaster. You’d gone down it before. And yet, you walk it once more.


Hm. You had a very different date with Qiu than I did at the fair, it sounds like. I wonder how much divergence there is and how much of it depends on how you played the previous relationship with Qiu and it’s ending.


Fun fact: Dark mode turns everything into a horror game and all your dreamboat ROs turn into specters from the void (Shay still pulls it off though :smirk:)

On a more serious note, I love this story. Was never too into slice-of-life stories but I eagerly anticipate every update here. Seriously phenomenal work!


Qiu looks like they are the ghost of my ex-lover, tragically taken away in an accident after a bad and messy break up that I immediately regretted but it was too late to take back and now they’re gone. But a year later, after I slowly but surely have started to move on, I wake up. It’s nearly pitch black, except for the faint red light of my alarm clock. Still lying in bed, comfortable under the covers, my hazy eyes turn to the corner of my room to look at my clock, see what time it is-

It’s them. There, in the corner, muffling the red light of the clock, like their shadow is covering it but they’re opaque so it’s not blocking out the light entirely. They look like they did before they passed. Looking at me with that same, almost uninterested expression, but now their eyes are empty, no spark of light. Nothing.

They just stand there, watching. And they never leave.


Dude, you need to stop dating cats. That’s just gross.


That first picture looks like the title screen of a Christmas themed horror game.

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Me when I want my dead lover to come back:

Me when they do come back but they came back as a cat for some reason:

Me, now accepting this and pretending that Qiu being a cat is fine and no @AnneWest, it’s not gross if it’s your reincarnated lover, absolutely not, no morals or societal values being broken here, just me and my cat boyfriend, ha ha, yes, this is what I wanted, definitely: