Merry Crisis (WIP) - Updated: 3 Apr '24 [220k words]

Ok. So it’s not supposed to go the chapter 1_flight? Thanks!

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Found an error
When Nat asks about coming to Singapore


Getting the bad slot error. Is that my phone or is it a bug?


Hey I think update is not working, demo ends after chapter 3

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This is probably not it, but maybe you’re confusing the chapters? Apparently what would have been 4 is now 3.

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Shame, no update for us poor folk :laughing:


Hi everyone! Yup, the public version is currently only up to 26th Dec (boxing day), but the early release (ko-fi) version contains the new chapter—27th Dec. I aim to release the public version in 1.5-2 weeks time :slight_smile:

@necrosian Let me know if you still get this error, it should be fixed! Thanks for the shout!

@gtd33 Oh! Thanks for letting me know, I’ve put the save slots back (took it out for testing). Sorry for the trouble!


Found some repeated text if you hook up with Shay.


This is from just after you wake up from staying over and choose one of the flirt options.

He presses an open-mouthed kiss on your nose, then forehead. “Memorizing every detail so I never forget how you look in this light,” he answers, equally quietly. There’s a small pause, and he holds your gaze with a small smile. “What I wouldn’t give for this moment to last forever.”

This makes your heart skip again, but you manage to say, “didn’t peg you for the sappy type.”

Shay grins at you. The two of you lie wrapped around each other in an embrace for a while, Shay’s words still echoing in your mind. The sun slowly lifts itself above the horizon and sets the sky ablaze with color. Maybe it wouldn’t be so bad if this moment did stretch on to infinity, you think.

Then immediately after that you can choose an 18+ scene and after that you get:

Shay laughs, and wraps an arm around you. His eyes roam slowly across your features.

“What’re you thinking?” you ask softly, fingers still interlaced with his.

He presses an open-mouthed kiss on your nose, then forehead. “Just memorizing every detail,” he answers, equally quietly. “You, in this light, the sun hitting your face just like this.” There’s a small pause, and he holds your gaze. “What I wouldn’t give for this moment to last forever.”

This makes your heart skip, but you manage to say, “didn’t peg you for the sappy type,” which earns you a laugh.



Shay laughs, then grimaces. “You can say that again. Singapore does a great job at making queer people feel like there’s no place for them in this country,” he says wryly.

if you didn’t go to Shay’s gig or hook up with him, it feels strangely out of place and forward of him to assume your sexuality here. Sure, there’s possibly been some vaguely flirty dialogue, but definitely nothing explicitly saying “Hey, I’m queer!”


No error, finished the demon just fine.


I just discovered this story today, and I am loving it, your writing and characters are wonderful. I am looking forward to reading more!

I did discover a bug, my MC is female, Shay is male, and when they spend the night together, my MC becomes a queer male and it continues on that way to when we see MCs mom the next day.

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Love the new update :smiley: Just a couple things that I found and sorry if I’m missing something

potential bugs

In order to go to the funfair with S we need to have S_in_love set to “true” and I don’t see that happening anywhere in the code. No matter what choices I make, that choice is grayed out. Am I doing something wrong?

I also found this in chapter 4 when talking to J - when we choose to tell J that we’re in love with S, Ns stats change

        *set J_friendship %+6
        *set N_romance + 10
        *set N_in_love true
        *set S_romance - 10
        *if S_romance < 0
          *set S_romance 0
        *set Q_romance - 10
        *if Q_romance < 0
          *set Q_romance 0
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@Lance_Heyen Thanks!! Fixed the first one. As for the second one, actually Shay’s saying they’re queer and it’s tough for them in SG. I’ve rephrased it so it’s clearer.

@Necrosian Great! So glad it’s working now.

@Flemeths_Daughter Hello and welcome :slight_smile: so glad you enjoyed it. Hmm, this is something that I’m really puzzling over. I’ve reset the start-up and checked the variables, do let me know if the problem persists when you replay from the start, though I totally understand if you don’t replay right away. It’s a lot of content!

@Kata3212 Great catch, thank you! I have taken out S_in_love “true” as a check, and fixed the Shay romance bug. <3

Merry Crisis Sneak Peek (Public-release)

The sneak peek lunch scenes with Qiu and Shay (Shay’s includes a boxing session) are AVAILABLE TO PLAY for everyone!

Enjoy! :slight_smile:

The full chapter release will be released to the public in about ~1-1.5 weeks, but it’s already available here for ko-fi supporters so do check that out if you’d like!


Eat my heart out. That sneak peek lunch scene with Qiu. Guff. Oof. Ouch.

Dead. Dead, but in luuurrvvvee…

And now…

Shay. So muddled. So expressive and smooth and easy. That you could just simply befriend them, all the while they express serious undertones of all-too-interested more-than-friendly vibes; and post-Nat, it would be all too likely for a more reserved MC to just believe that Shay is terribly, terribly friendly. Shay really is like an unexpected rainy deluge of a day, but you have shelter, a comfortable booth or favorite table, and the best house bone broth soup, ever.


You can star in a ‘mukbang’ video and everyone will love you or that you can start a book too.

So… Much flavor in your wordings. (forgive the pun)


Ahhhhhhhhhhhh, the feels, the emotions I feel every time I repeat the reunion!

Darn you Qiu, why do you have to tear my heart apart…yet you’re the only one who can path it up!?

A love that you thought was a mistake
memories of things that can never fade
Now at the cross roads that determine our fate
Will I go back, or shall I test your new found faith?
Let us see… if we both have whatever it takes
To see a future together…maybe it’s…not too late.

Also, can’t wait for the next day~

Thank you for the hard work~


Leaving is going to be so nostalgic when it finally does happen, especially when you decide on what your future plans are after that point. I don’t see a relationship with Qiu ever really being able to rekindle if you tell them you want to stay in New York, For example, I doubt they’re going to drop everything behind and follow you


I think while it may be difficult, it’s not impossible if it means not losing MC. Maybe a compromise?


Can’t wait for the full update, but here is little something. If MC uses towel to wipe their whole face that implies, that they don’t wear makeup right now, which a lot of women do.

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I’m so torn between doing a single pringle run vs a Qiu run. My MC is too proud to go crawling back to Nat or Qiu, but the Qiu route tugs at my heart. Shay is super rad, but a week is too short to cozy up with someone who is somehow so different from my high-strung, workaholic MC.


Qiu’s route is the one I prefer, if only because there’s so much unresolved tension and closure that needs to be handled there