Merry Crisis (WIP) - Updated: 3 Apr '24 [220k words]

Just replayed it again and again after that, such a lovely IF~

She can break my heart multiple times…yet I still come back… woe is me.

You we’re my first love, my first kiss and I hoped you to be my last…
But our dream burst with our choices, it ended just as fast
Yet now you appear…more honest, such a contrast… I should be torn, outraged and just block out our past!
Instead, I I ask myself, why am I letting you close? Why am I still…attached?

My shining light and new tomorrow, yet you ended it, much to my sorrow…
I don’t blame you, I should have seen how much you tried…
I should have done everything to keep you by my side
I can’t just give up…not now, because if I do, I don’t know what’s going to follow

A strange first meeting, but can’t help but feel a connection, even just fleeting
Coming in when I felt like nothing, could it be a coincidence? It’s just a feeling
Wild and untamed, I can’t help but be drawn to your smile, might it be misleading?
Yet, try as I might, I can’t help but be drawn to this new character, maybe just maybe, this is what I’m seeking…

I can’t wait for more~


Considering when this was last updated, is this game abandoned?
If so, it’s a real shame - I like Qui a lot.


Author also writes the popular tennis game and seems to be into that atm. They did say they were coming back to this though, and even did some editing of the current demo if I remember correctly? So it’s probably not abandoned.


Definitely not abandoned. CT:OS might take up a larger portion of her focus, but it is a significantly more ambitious project, scope-wise. Both get mentioned fairly frequently in kofi update logs, though. :slightly_smiling_face:


Will do!! And since people have been hankering for a re-addition of the CEO route, it would be timely to edit the text for MC backgrounds as well anyway.

@Bikkje aww glad you think so! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

These poems are too good :smile: I also love “my shining light and new tomorrow” for Nat and “wild and untamed” Shay HAHA.

@Erized definitely not abandoned! As others have mentioned, I did spend quite a bit of time on CT:OS and also took some time in December to chill after a busy November (from my full time job). I’ve started writing again in January and have so far been juggling both the next part of CT:OS and the next update for Merry Crisis this month (the former mostly because there’s some momentum for that, coming off of an update). I hope to have an update for MC soon (and will prioritise that for the month ahead). Definitely don’t want you guys thinking I’ve given up on Merry crisis, cause it’s so close to my heart! :slight_smile:


Clarified in that same post, you might’ve missed it, but the original text will probably have to stay, the game takes place in the 2018–2019 winter season, NYC FC didn’t start an official reserve team until the reserve league, MLS next pro, kicked off in 2022, several teams did have an official reserve, but city was one of the unlucky few not to set up one before that. It’s not that much of a deal, a lot of senior level players only come on as subs or never play meaningful minutes, Despite being on the roster, so MC still pushing to become a starter would make sense

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Thanks to all the people who clarified this isn’t abandoned! Relieved to know it. :slight_smile:

Also, @burninglights - I found a bug, not sure if you know of it yet. I’m playing as a male MC, and all my ROs are men, too. In this paragraph Qui’s mother refers to him as her ‘daughter’ rather than her ‘son’.


The writer have anoter project called College Tennis, this is a side project for now

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I just wanna say that I really love this story… Like hell, I read it for like twice a month hoping for it to update again haha. It really conveyed the emotions a certain scenario should have. Whenever I finished reading this, my eyes kinda teary lol I just love this so much. I am really searching for some stories that has the same plot or the same feels like this one 'cause I just love this so much. Been saying it repeatedly, but I wouldn’t get tired saying how much I love this story. Hope the next chapter would be available soon, but I don’t want to pressure the author 'cause we all have our own lives and pace, so I’ll just read this again whenever I miss this or continue coming up with scenarios after the last chapter haha. That would make me feel a little better. Oh right, since I like hurting myself, I really keep choosing Qiu hahaha. I’m too weak when it comes to first love lol. Plus, I just love having an interaction with her since it hurts me lol but I’m not a masochist. Anyways, I hope everyone have great days 'cause I haven’t got one lol (got exams for every week, like why? T_T) This kinda long lol but just want to say my thoughts here hahahaha


Merry Crisis Sneak Peek scenes are OUT!

<Available currently for ko-fi members, public release will be out in a week! Cross posted to Tumblr>

Lunch with Qiu

  • Have lunch with Qiu at a Japanese restaurant in their office building.
  • Will you behave, or be up to no good…?

Boxing & Lunch with Shay

  • Meet a couple more of Shay’s circle (their boxing instructor, and… Mdm. Tan, the woman behind Shay’s favorite Bak Kut Teh restaurant)

Check out the ko-fi post (where you’ll find the link to the scene)!

Can’t wait to share this with you all <3

@Yrone_Cike Aww thank you so much!! I’m glad you liked the story (and Qiu), and I hope your exams went well! <3


Hello there running into a issue where the save slots don’t work

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@StarWarsMaster thanks! Should be fixed now! :slight_smile:


Hey I’m playing as male mc with male Qiu but somehow I’m getting the “not good enough” scene instead of the homophobic scene with his mother. Also when caught by mc’s mother when going biking, it says Shay’s the “right gender” at least, but I’m playing with an all male cast.


The latest chapter (27th Dec) is AVAILABLE RIGHT NOW for ko-fi supporters!***

I am so sorry for the delay!! Also not an April’s Fools’ Joke haha I would never do that to you guys!*


  • The lead-up to the Nat surprise (!)
  • Visit a columbarium with your family (to commemorate your grandparents :older_man::older_woman: and relive some childhood memories!) <Flesh out your MC’s family life>
  • OR: Skip the columbarium family trip and have lunch with Qiu (at their workplace :briefcase:; or lunch with Shay (includes an optional boxing :boxing_glove: session and the potential to meet someone dear to them​:stew:).
  • Meet Qiu or Shay at a ‘winter’-themed funfair/carnival in the evening (or save it for a future Nat date):teddy_bear::christmas_tree::beers: <win stuffed animals, drink mulled wine, sit on the lawn and… experience… snow(?)>
  • Bonus scenes at night if you choose not to go to the funfair (e.g. board games with Joony, write a song if you’re a musician etc.)

Wordcount: 54k + 12/13k words (for the winter fair, should you choose to go with Shay/Qiu)

Can’t wait to share it with you guys!

(P.S. if you helped to beta-test, a big thank you <3 I’m about 60% done with everyone’s feedback, and I’ll continue to tweak and edit over the course of the week! Once I’m done with everyone, I’ll send each of you a thank you + confirmation email!)

It’s Chapter Three now, but only because I re-named the chapters, essentially what would’ve been called Chapter Four previously.

Edit: @Sel_Lee The pronouns in the scene with Qiu’s mother should be fixed. I’ll double-check the game with Shay pronouns again, thanks for the shout!


The new update is perfect, beautiful, amazing, show-stopping, sensational, etc etc.

The Chan family scenes tug on the heart strings, I adore them. I loved every single minute spent with them in the update and my god, the flashbacks!!! The flashbacks reached right into the very soul of my childhood familial nostalgia. And the MC’s relationship with their family visibly growing throughout their visit? So touching. Joony hangout? MC private song writing time? The vibes of “home” and culture and belonging so perfectly captured? Chefs kiss.

Shay and Qiu had such adorable (or deliciously heart wrenching depending on choices) dates and lunches. Shay in particular is so absurdly precious, imo. I get why you would move countries for them, MC, I truly get it. And Qiu’s intensity is, as usual, a sight to behold. There’s something about Qiu’s soft, vulnerable and relentless pursuit of our lil Singaporean New Yorker protagonist that is so endearing (and very cathartic as well after we as the audience saw how fiercely the MC fought for the two of them in the past - especially for those of us with the queer variations. The MC’s loving speech during The Incident is still seared into my brain, it was very well done and I was so inwardly proud of that brave darling). Also, unrelated but, I didn’t expect the tiny pouty scenes from Shay and Qiu over Nat’s visit. The “aren’t you literally going back in like three days?” vibes made me laugh out loud. So true, so funny, and so adorable. Was also sweet to see the MC be a bit protective of Nat in those scenes as well.

Such well written and believably human characters across the board. I couldn’t possibly pick a single favorite cast member, including the MC, they’re so lovable! Ahhh and then the things that will go down on the 28th for that “surprise”… I can’t wait.

Thank you for the update! It was so fun! Both of your projects are amazing. Merry Crisis is the Christmas gift that keeps giving and giving and giving :slight_smile:


This is still so good after playing after a while! But others might not be able know the concept of BTO as it is a uniquely singaporean concept!

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Hi! Just curious if there was supposed to be the flight scene/chapter show up. I was code diving and I noticed that none of the prologue options ever lead to the flight scenes (I could be blind).


@batmansrobin Awww thank you so much for this lovely message. I’m so happy that you enjoyed the family scenes, as personally, it’s always enjoyable to flesh out MC’s family life more (e.g. at Christmas dinner, at the Columbarium/flashbacks).

I also love that you enjoy all the different characters, including Joony! I also think it’s interesting how each of the ROs have a slightly different take on MC’s decision to stay or leave.

As for the Nat surprise, can’t wait to write that as well! So glad you enjoyed the IF!

@sasa_se Haha thanks for playing <3 I’ve added more description in the footnote for BTO (this chapter), but do let me know if I’ve mentioned it somewhere else with no explanation.

@xdcakexd Oh! Weird. It should show up (if you’re code-diving, the scene is 19_hour_flight.) I thought the code looked legit, but let me know if the problem persists on your end? Thanks! :slight_smile:


So is this updated or is it only for Kofi?

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Not public yet