Merry Crisis - WIP (Updated: 10/06/22)

OMG I love this game​:sob::sob::sob:hope to see more!


Progress Update

It’s been a while, but I’ve made some good progress this month! I hope to get an update out by Christmas.


  • Christmas Dinner scene is actually 90% done!! (~20k words, lots of drama, mostly wholesome, I promise).
  • RO hang-out options after dinner (no spoilers, although all I will say is that you can ride off on the back of Shay’s motorbike while your family stares, slack-jawed and horrified) - unfortunately Qiu scenes will still be flash-backs - are also approx. 30% complete (~12k words).


  • By mid December, hopefully: Release the update in time for Christmas!

@lilachu Awww thank you!! So glad you like the game, a lot of my heart’s in it!


Hi, just wanna say that i find your story so interesting! This is my first time reading a singaporean-themed IF and now it got me hooked for more :fire:


Oi there @burninglights found a small error in coding…

That option is always hidden, even if the Job is “Indie rock star” and I’m pretty sure it’s cause it’s *if (job = “Indie rock ‘star’”) instead of *if (job = “Indie rock star”). :joy_cat::joy_cat::joy_cat: all because of keeping that star in ’ '.

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But then what will they do if my mc actually composes and sings a new song to propose to the boy! :smiling_imp:
Would be ironic too if what is meant to be a relatively low key and private song like that is what finally puts him on the map of the big leagues too. :worried: