Merry Crisis - WIP (Updated: 10/06/22)

yes. I love it. I am in need for some drama rn :rofl:

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I’m not sure if I’ve posted in here before or not! I’ve played through the WIP several times since it was originally posted, though, and if I did post, I’m sure I said then what I’m going to say now:

I love this with my whole heart.

Most games are set in places we’ve never been, will never be, and are filled with people and cultures we’ll never experience. But there’s something to the experience of playing in places I could see, exploring a culture I could experience, that just makes my heart sing. It’s almost like a form of virtual tourism, but so much richer, so much more personal. Even if I could afford a trip to Singapore, I’d never be able to experience it as a local. The chance to do so as someone from the opposite side of the world is a privilege I appreciate immensely.

Thanks so much for opening this door for me! I’ve loved everything I’ve found on the other side.


@ydefsoul and @Jenna_V Thank you both so much!!

That was so, so great to hear - I remember playing my first IF and realizing just how powerful the medium was. I’ve always been a fan of CYOA books - still vaguely remember one that was set in some jungle (you’re an explorer or something). It’s funny how text-based games can really evoke a whole universe, with all its textures… Again, thanks for the note, I’m so happy I could bring you along for the ride :slight_smile:

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This so far has been a very fun and interesting story.

Keep up the hard work with writing!


I love this so so much as a south east asian. I also love-hate family things. The invasive questions ugh, the unwarranted advice/comments about your whole being ughhh but still i love them anyway :clown_face:.

Also Qiu would have me bawling my eyes out. Istg i would be in love with him irl too

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@Aethelric Thank you!! So glad you’ve liked it so far. :muscle:

@Elsee Aww, hello fellow SEA-sian! :wave: I know right! Now that I’m heading into “ok shit I’m an adult” territory, family/home has become so much more of a complex thing.

I read somewhere that part of growing up is realising your parents are humans too (rather than one-dimensional heroic/god-like/devil-like? figures), and that’s certainly been true for me. Like, shit, I love you but I also see all your flaws and insecurities and dreams and aspirations - so the “love” takes on a different, more textured meaning as well.

HEHE QIU! I’m in the same boat. I’d fall in love, and then wish I never did.


Is it time to start the Qiu fanclub? lmao I mean, I like our Ex, the neighbor is really cool but MC’s crush as a teen and the route’s potential in the present hit me like a train akjsdhaksdh


nah because im with you on that one. qui is just too damn charming. also hits most of the boxes of fictional characters i would date.