Merlock Owls and Dr. Plotson



I’ve begun work on my first game, Merlock Owls and Dr. Plotson. In this silly detective game you will search for clues, chase suspects and uncover the thuth.

The first chapter is done, and I plan on updating every month.

To play the demo, go here:

If you notice a mistake, please, point it out. If you somehow like something, you can point that out, too. Your feedback will be appreciated.
Update (15 th September 2018): I’ve fixed some bugs today.


Is it going to be a parody?


I think you have a nice idea coming along! Your characters have such cute names!

One question: can we choose our MC’s name, or will it be fixed as Dr. Plotson? I feel it will be nice if we are able to name our own MC :slight_smile:

Small things I picked out:

  1. Instead of “the medical school”, you can just say “medical school” or give it a random name.
  2. “You should be more careful while running in the rain, doctor,” said says Owls, wiping rainwater from his dark hair.


Yes, sort of. I’m not sure I can pull off a serious game right now.


There should be “None of these” option in the name choice.

Yes, that’s probable too many “the” in there.

Thank you! I’ll wait for some more feedback to make an update tomorrow.

Edit: I’ve decided to update it now.


I can choose perception twice as my best skill and as a worst one too. Should perception be locked as a flaw, if I chose it as my strength?
May I ask why did you decide to include fast reading? It is kinda unusual.


Oops. Yes, I’ll fix it.

Maybe your character will have to read books to find some important data.

Edit: fixed the problem with perception.


Also some phrases made me smile, your style of writing is amusing. :grin: Wish you luck and tons of inspiration.


Thank you a lot! :smiley:


This by far is one of the most unique interactive stories I have read so far. You go about doing a detective story in a way I haven’t really seen done yet, and actually made stats that are not only different from what others do, but are more detailed than just putting strength, agility, intellect… est. I really like how you set up the stats and I’m really interested in how this story will turn out.


That’s unexpected. Thank you a lot!


Fixed some mistakes with variables and saving system.