Merlock Owls and Dr. Plotson (chapter 6.2 added on June 30)

I really enjoyed the opening of this chapter with the morgue. Everything about the place, from the minor details to the apron woman’s character was a lot of fun. I also liked how the chapter made a note that Plotson hadn’t gotten over eating the poisonous leaf since it’s only been a few hours.

I decided to question the butler because Owls followed him (and he was the most suspicious of the suspects.) Now I’m starting to wonder if it isn’t someone else – since Lily could climb down the vines, that means someone could climb up them, which allows the murderer to be from outside the house entirely. Perhaps the investigative journalists that Mr. Smellington doesn’t like? I’m going to have to play this chapter again and see what the others have to say.


Go to the the attic.
Remove the second “the”.

“What about victim herself?”
Add “the” after “about”.

“Mr. Michurin conducts some kind of experiment! This is suspicious!”
I’d change “conducts” to “is conducting”.

I wasn’t welcoming you here or selling you organs, I’ve tried to go smoking outside.
Should “I’ve tried” be “I was trying”?

Stage a smokescreen with your special mix, then both of you can slip inside in confusion.
Add “the” after “in”.

Apologize, go outside, try to peek through the windows to find out what is happening inside.
I’d add “and” before “try”.

"And there is no body there.
Should “there” be “here” since they are still at the morgue?

You approach already familiar house.
Add “the” after “approach”.

“We have some important news. You daughter’s body is missing.”
“You” should be “Your”.

You don’t know when Marion comes and stops you.
Perhaps change “comes and stops you” to “will come and stop you”.

"As I previously told you, had worked for Rosewater family, and started working in this house when Lily’s mother married - about 22 years ago, as I recall.
Add a quotation mark at the end.

“I have questions , too!”
Remove the space between “questions” and the comma.

Don’t interfere." Marion says.
Change the period after “interfere” into a comma.

Looking forward to chapter seven! :relaxed:

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Thanks for your feedback! I’m glad you liked the morgue! :grinning:

Fixed the typos, except…


They checked if the body is inside the morgue. This conversation is happening outside of it.

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