Merlock Owls and Dr. Plotson (chapter 5 updated on June 27)

New parts of chapter 5 were added!
To play the demo, go here: .


Poor Plotson. Right now they’re wandering around in the multi-purpose disguise. :joy: I really enjoyed following the suspects around and all the different ways it can go. The butler continues to be more and more suspicious. This time I also saw the interaction with Marion when Owls is with you, and it really is a funny scene. I loved the incredibly long minute countdown that goes with investigating the rooms, too.

One thing is that, when talking to Owls at the cafe, it seems like he acts as if he wasn’t there (like when you choose to talk about his family, he says he’ll guess what Marion said despite having heard it directly from her). Also, there were a few choices where it seemed like the options should have quotations since Plotson is talking, like when interrogating the suspects.


“I think he ran to that greenhouse! He is e Seed Thief, after all.”
“e” should be “the”.

You found some interesting cases in the past thanks to Owls’ habit of strolling into the station and bothering police detectives, until they gave up and provided us with information.
“us” should be “him” or “you”. I don’t think the comma after “detectives” should be there.

Your dangerous lifestyle lives little time for cleaning, and Owls’ has special organizing pattern only he can comprehend.
Add an “a” before “special”.

After looking at a pile of mismatched clothes, curtains stained with results of your chemical experiment, a special camouflage hat with artificial branches, and a pair of cracked dishes, you see something new - a newspaper.
Should “experiment” be “experiments”?

Talk about your and Owls previous accomplishments.
It looks like there should be an apostrophe after “Owls”.

Climb on the tree.
Should “on” be “up”?

Those who heard about you a little vary of you.
“vary” should be “wary”. This is in the stats reputation page.

Looking forward to seeing what Owls learned while Plotson (attempted to) follow the suspect! :relaxed:

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Thank you for the feedback! I’ve corrected typos and quotation marks. The line about family is tweaked a little.

Wait, do you mean “too many events fit in a munute” or it shows “you have 15,999999998 minutes left”?

Was the hat commented on after following the gardener to the gathering?

Anyway, thanks again for great feedback! :smiley:

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This is what I meant. The precision and detail of having it down to a decimal point is something I could see fitting in any Sherlockian story, but it’s obvious that those extra decimal points and seconds aren’t important, which makes for an amusing contrast.

I don’t remember if the hat was commented on, but I haven’t successfully followed the gardener yet. That’ll be my next playthrough. :relaxed:

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It shouldn’t be 15,999999998 minutes instead of 15,9. I thought I got rid of that bug.:thinking:

Ha, well, it was an amusing bug that actually worked with the story! But it looks like the reason for it is because you’re actually adding and subtracting with decimals. There’s a few threads on decimals and floating points if you haven’t seen them yet that might help.

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