Merlock Owls and Dr. Plotson (Chapter 4 is out!)



Chapter 4 is taking more time to write than usual, but I hope it will be ready by the end of the mounth.


Quite understandable, perfection takes time! That’s not terribly far away and I look forward to reading it immensely!:female_detective:


Got sick this week. The chapter will be next week.


Take care! Don’t push yourself too much to get that update out; health comes first :hugs:


“It’s a plant. With leaves.”
“What an astute observation Dr Plotson.
Don’t u dare sass me swimmer boi

No but really, I really liked this xD It’s pretty cool to be able to be a detective but not in the constant-serious tone. I like your characters and how you write the scenes. You managed to make me suspect of the cat. And that red herring. You literally put a red herring like, I loved it. But yeah, the breaks on paragraphs would be a nice touch, if they’re not it doesn’t look as clean. This may just be me (I can’t English) but at first I thought that ‘understanding nature’ meant human nature and perceptiveness meant something like emotional intelligence? I settled down for being able to talk out of anything, tho. Ms Owls sounds like a good character too.

Some ortographical things here. Sorry for ranting


When asking the butler if someone would want to hurt her.
“I didn’t (think) anyone could…”

“Right, Mr Carrymore?” You say and turn to the (butler).

I know it’s not much, I hope it helps some


Thank you a lot!


Chapter 4 added!
Fixed paragraph breaks and typos in previous chapters.


The interaction with Marion was great – having the options disappear as Plotson tries to distract her really gave the feeling of pressure as the list of topics begin to run out. Once again the choice for showing off our hiding skills was funny, and the topics that could be brought up were great. I’ll admit that while the goal was to distract Marion, I was the one who became distracted once she brought up the fairies! :laughing:


This is a page about suspects and witnesses.f/i]
Occurs when viewing the list of suspects and witnesses on the stats page.

Some gratitude for air]producing trees?
Change the bracket into a hyphen.

My name is doctor Joan Plotson.
“doctor” should be capitalized.

Marion Owls gives you a look, angry and impatient enough to give you shivers, but not intense enough to signify murder intent.
Should “murder” be “murderous”?

We were sitting, waiting… and we found out the hideout was empty the entire time!
Needs a quotation mark at the end.

"It is, actually. We found out the suspect may know more about police actions than we thought.
Also needs a quotation mark at the end.

Looking forward to more investigation! :relaxed:


Thanks for feedback! :slightly_smiling_face: I fixed the typos.


Okay, I liked this a lot more than I thought I would’ve lol. I’m looking forward to the progress made on it! Loving the dialogue!