Mentioned in a topic you can't see

So… I had a question: is it possible to be mentioned in a topic that you can’t see?

This happened to me a few days ago… I saw a notification saying that I was mentioned in a post but when I tried to acess it said “Sorry but you can’t acess this topic” so I wanted to ask if this was possible or if it was a navegator error.

I was hoping a mod could explain this to me.

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That’s a question about the forum software. You’d be better off looking for the answer over on their own forums.


My guess is probably a private conversation, in which an invite is needed and you were mentioned via @ though since you weren’t invited in you wouldn’t be able to see it, with or without the mention. Usual restriction message in place.

Though seeing I’m no expert, and what I gathered from such a…test. I can only say there’s my two cents.

Ok!! I found my answer, it seems that it was a private message so thanks to both @Arcania and @FairyGodfeather (I didn’t knew there was a forum for the software 0_o) Anyway… thanks and… any mod can close the thread now, thanks.