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Now I’m curious… if you people don’t mind me asking, how exactly does a mental insitution work on the inside? Since we’re discussing the fact media tends demonize asylums I figured sharing correct information may help illumate others. Maybe one day this information will spread to others, making people change their perception of mental institutions… hopefully. Is it similar to a retirement home, where people get medicated and looked after?

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A story in the city. updated to chpt3. (adult only)
A story in the city. updated to chpt3. (adult only)

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No, they don’t particularly. The stigma of asylums is deserved, not because of the mentally ill patients, but the people that run the thing are clueless at best and cruel at worst.

I suppose it is similar, though. You have scheduled activities and set sleeping arrangements and cannot leave the hospital. You are lumped together with people of varying degrees of mental illness, (anything short of criminally insane or extremely dangerous) often for worse, since all of you will interact with each other like some sort of mentally ill cocktail, and will often end up clashing with them over something or other.

Sometimes they strap you down and wheel you in the bigger mental hospitals when you’re first sent there. You feel the eyes of everyone there eyeing you up while the new meat is paraded like a dumb animal.

You get downtime in the form of books and TV and things. Occasionally they force-medicate or force-sedate you or lock you in your room, etc. It’s not healthy, it’s boring and you’re left to stew in a very claustrophobic, emotional place. The air is thick with tension and the smell of confusion and fear. Like a hospital, only with less funding and far less qualified staff.

But it’s not the mentally ill’s fault, that’s the idea most people have. It’s the clueless, infantalising, dehumanising minds of the nurses there. Once you get in, even if you’re okay, they won’t let you out. They’ll say you’re mad, they won’t believe you, and you’ll be stuck until your time is up.

So, like nursing homes as in, inept and does more harm than good most often, yes.


I personally have never been in one. I’m told they’re not that bad, i.e. if you refuse your prescribed medication it gets marked on your treatment chart but nobody comes to hold you down and force you. (Edit: Just read Laguz’ comment, maybe this is isn’t true for all cases.)

The fact is that there is not a lot of funding for these places anymore (I’m in the US). You can either pay to be there, or if you’re thought to be a danger to yourself or others they can hold you 72 hours, IIRC.


personal experience at mental institutions mildly depressing info conditions in the late 90s to early 2000s in the us

I went to one for aggressive behavior (I’m bipolar) back more than a decade ago when people with my issues were less understood. The treatment and care there was very deplorable. I went to multiple places one of wich was a state run institution all of wich were for adolecents. If you were having trouble sleeping or just claimed to be they gave you depakote, they were always understaffed, most responses to any issues was to tackle you and inject you with seditives until such time as you were docile many times with me they exceeded the recommended limit for dosages, usually only waiting a minute or two before injecting again usually in the butt. One of the places I went to a year after I left a girl died due to overdosage, another place I was at 2 staff members were brought up on criminal charges. Any personal belonging don’t expect to have by the time you leave. Despite me being there fore aggression 1 in 3 of the people there with me were there for attempting to end there parents lives or others. Despite not having these kinds of emotions before many times I contemplated suicide due to the lack of carrying from my view point. I don’t know of how they are nowadays but back then they were horrid and I would not wish it on anyone even those on my sh*t list.


I only got out last week so I can tell you that it’s sort of like that but with scary dick wardens who watch your every move and lots of talking with patronising doctors (if you haven’t guessed I was in for anger issues). Also group therapy where you sit around with a bunch of other people who share your problems and on a good day actually feel comforted by the knowledge that you are not alone (on a bad day you just make each other angrier). Finally restricted wi-fi… nuff said :rage:


Well I never go to a an assylum, I went to a center of assistance of victims of abuse or rape . And it was nothing like all you were talking. People were really supportive , environment was peaceful and clean we won’t be sedated or anything like that. But it was an association one not a public one so maybe public service are bad. Also I was just to sessions and sleep at home. There were similar groups for Anorexia and food problems for teens and people were happy too .


That… kind of sounds like a prison to be honest. :confused:

Actually, it kinda reminds me of those jail rehabilitation programs where they try to “help” convicts re-adjust into society… the major problem here being that those programs rarely work as intended and more often than not, when their sentences end and they are freed, they are either the same or actually worse. What are the chances of people coming out treated or with less severe symptoms in case of a mental hospital? Is it similar?


Same that I don’t like the portrait of Rape abuse of people and violence against children and women. I don’t like the portray of Assylums that portrait kills people everywhere everyday. People who need therapy and go there. And never go because If I go to Assylum people will talking shit about me and I would be abused and neglected there. In fact even the idea of this game is wrong. The only thing that does is trivialize violence. Oh cool I will play abuse this family game … Nothing good could come to this. Rape and abuse nowadays Is been seeing between teens as cool stuff because anime and hentai.


So its not just my country that tends to devalue mental health it seems. We have similar cases here of people doing their damnest to avoid those places simply because they don’t want to be labeled by their family, friends and neighbors as “nutcases”. Its s darn shame because your mental health is just as important as your physical condition, yet people prefer to ignore and devalue it like some kind of ugly frog nobody wants. In fact, society as a whole has pretty big gaps when it comes to providing support to people that need it - be they victims of domestic violence, abuse, bullying, etc. Is it because we lack proper information on these cases? Is it because we’re not providing proper education to our kids and therefore raising antipathic adults?


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Hmmm interesting although considering I was at a place where people with anger issues are held against their will perhaps it makes sense that voluntary treatment centres would be nicer or at least I’d certainly hope so.


That’s the difference. People with mental health issues are “scary” and “unpredictable” and supposedly innately dangerous to others. Rape victims, abuse victims and people with eating disorders do not have the same stigma of being threatening carved into the public mind, so when they are abused, the nurses justify it to themself as “I was protecting myself”, “I was striking pre-emptively”, “They are not normal enough to be considered ‘human’, therefore I can treat them as less than human”. The same thing happens, for example, with black people in predominately white prisons.


That’s the thing I don’t understand - how are people supposed to help individuals that don’t want to be helped? My grandfather for example, is a typical case of PSTD and dementia, he takes all sorts of pills he THINKS will help him (even though they don’t) yet refuses to take the ones he was actually supposed to take. Nobody can force him because 1) he’s still mostly coherent and capable 2) he’s an adult and 3) he thinks he knows what’s best for him and doesn’t need or want other people’s help or advice. In these cases, what do you do?


They strap you down and forcibly inject you with these things, or punish you until you want them, depending on how much of a threat they think you are to yourself and others. But no, they can’t make you if they consider you stable.

If a person is only harming themself, no one cares, but as soon as you’re taking your own life (as you’re government property), or damaging others enough, then people step in.


i can usderstand why we were treated the way we were and people who were abused were treated better in those places. its mostly a society condition insanity and aggression are viewed as a sickness a disease that a person could hurt you or make you like them, while abuse and rape is something that is inflicted upon you due to bad people creating a more protective nature towards them (not everyone acts that way im sure). Im glad you were treated better than we were granted i wish we were treated better too but those with mental health issues are treated via Darwinism mentality (I only learned 2 things there if they don’t care for you and hurt you protect yourself, end them and two they failed me.)


Well there are coutries with euthanasia , I think they would be accepted everywhere because my life should be mine to decide. However there should be help from everyone who wants be helped. But people who harm other people should be in a place where no harm is done. Problem is this places are ill attended and mixture into it people that should not be mixed


Well they had these really big wardens who were allowed to drag you to your therapy if you refused and the therapist always had a panic button on hand (she thought I couldn’t see it) but basically they told me the longer I resisted the longer I’d be stuck there so for the most part I just didn’t bother trying to.


The thing about the aged-care reference is far, far too many aged-care facilities can compare to the horror stories we hear about psychiatric hospitals so I guess… yes they often are similar because too many are abusive and negligent and knowingly do more harm than good?


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In the US, there is a pattern of not wanting to fund mental health services but also not wanting to deal with the consequences. Nevada for example would buy a released patient a one way bus ticket to another state because they were slashing funding and couldn’t keep housing people and they didn’t want people with untreated mental illness in the state as a result. So they shipped people away.