Medieval Moments (WIP)

Hello all,

My name is Shehan and I’m new to the forum, first post and all, but I’ve been playing COG games for an year and a half or so. I’ve decided to write one myself. This is only my second attempt at writing anything longer than a school essay, so here’s to hoping that it will come out well.

Medieval Moments will be about a warrior who starts his journey in a small village in late 14th or early 15th century England. The direction of the game is still not completely thought out, but will mostly include actual historical events (battles mostly), slightly changed to portray the game’s features (and you will be able to change them according to your choices).

I plan to make the game mostly non linear, and players will have realistic choices for each event. I wish to make it an accurate depiction (as much as I can) of the time period. Sorry fans of the fantasy genre, but it will not have elves or dwarves or dragons. That means no magic either. Hope you will still like it though.

I am a little wary of adding the church into the game since many of the non Christians can be offended. Since I’m not Christian myself, I cannot guarantee an accurate depiction of the Roman Catholic church of the time period either, but I’m also loath to remove it as well since it was a great player in state politics and everyday lives. I hope to discuss that topic later in detail and see the feedback.

Oh and for female players; Ladies, there might be teeeeeeeny amount of sexism coming from NPC’s within the game. I assure you that I am not sexist and hope that my addition of a female character playthrough is proof of that. If you want I can remove those bits, but it will remove the immersion I think. Also male and female playthroughs will be slightly different in many aspects.

In its current state the game cannot be called a demo. Maybe half a demo since entire parts are still incomplete but it will offer an understanding of what the completed game will be like.

All feedback is appreciated but it would be better if grammar and spellings are not commented upon yet. When I get an idea, I tend to write fast and not think about the grammar much. I will correct them when I rewrite entire parts later on as I plan to do. For now, it would be much appreciated if you guys comment on bugs, balance issues, historical fact issues and suggestions.

Thank you.


Arya rulz!

Sansa… well, at least her chapters get more interesting with Baelish.

At the Church comment, generally I don’t care for religious bits in games, but honestly I would have say go for it. Not due to my own religious preferences but for historical accuracy. As long as it’s not like you’re, you know, shoving it down people’s throat or making it seem like you’re trying to make us feel bad for not being Christian and so on.

It’s really up to you what you put in your games, but if you’re trying to take a more realistic approach then have at it. Even with the sexism, but it might make it feel more equal if you have something against males, too. I’m not particularly sure what, however… Though I’m sure there has to be something.

And as I’d like to know of all games, is there romance? If so, same-sex?

@babisko Thanks for the input. No, I don’t wish to shove anything down the players’ throats and I am looking to make a pagan option as well. But I’m not sure how to progress in that so far.

As for romance, yes there will be romance but I have written none so far. And you will have the option of not sticking to one partner as well if you prefer that. Same-sex will be included if I can write it. Honestly the coding is a bit of a headache at the moment. Another problem against same sex relationships is that, it was frowned upon both by church and the people. So it will be the same as a pagan player. I will look into it.

Sexism against males… that’s a nice thought. I will look into it. Thank you.

Omg, this is beautiful. I saw a few spelling mistakes (mostl were easily missable things like farely – > fairly, etc), but other than that it was fantastic!

I just finished my second playthrough, and lskdjfklsdjf. Fantastic. I love how you made the two paths different, if you’re a boy or a girl. Obviously things would wind up differently because of gender-- maybe not because of you, specifically, but because of other people. But don’t worry, I don’t think you’re sexist.

The writing was very nice, as well. It was much more fluid then what I usually see. I was very interested throughout, and I’m curious to see what other things change along the way.

I’m going to go play your game again, mm’kay? Thanks for sharing this. I love history, so much, and I especially love this time period. THANKS!

@potato Aha! First fan I presume! Thank you for the comment my kind sir (or is it lady? Sorry but I’m not sure) and of course I’m not sexist!

Yes the difference in the paths is what I’m going for and I hope the entire game will be not very linear when I’m done with it. It’s something I hate in games when I want to do something (which is perfectly reasonable within the game world) and the game makes me do another for no reason at all.

It is great to meet another history lover. The hundred years war is one of my favorite set pieces thanks to all those games and historical novels I’ve enjoyed over the years.


I am a lady, tyvm. Don’t sweat it, though. It’s hard to tell gender when the only clues you have are ferrets in turtlenecks.

And I’m glad to be your first fan! Remember me when you’re famous, kay? c:

Oh, man, I feel you. I hate that limitations so much. Makes me itchy, you know? Like… ’ I KNOW YOU JUST DIDN’T WANT TO WRITE IT, YOU’RE NOT FOOLING ME.’

@potato I sure will. As for me being famous, that won’t be for sometime. I have exams coming up and writing will be postponed for at least a month. I will consider all the feedback till then and write the next parts accordingly afterwards.

As a historical note: In England and France of the time period, women could indeed inherit, but only if they had no brothers (in which case, the land went to the eldest daughter). Whether she had any control over her inheritance was another story…

Really good, keep working at it than you’ll have yourself quite a game.

@ramidel Thank you. I am a bit confused about inheritance laws so I will have to read up on it, Agnatic-cognatic succession and all that. Exactly what kind of control will a woman have on property? I would assume not much.

@trollhunterthethird Thank you.

Are these Greenmen friends of Robin of the Hood? Cause he actually lived you know. does anyone else know the story of how they decided where to bury him?

@assassinsat: In theory, a woman has a right to whatever she’s inherited; if a woman inherits a manor, then so long as she can hire a knight to serve in her place, she can keep it.

In practice, it depends on the woman in question, her husband, her lord, and the power of her estate; in the Middle Ages, the law is often decided by the bigger axe. A queen regnant is in a much better position than a woman who has an overlord, for example, and a powerful estate gives the woman who inherits it a much better chance of defending her claim. On the other hand, if a man captures a noblewoman, and forces her into marriage, chances are he’ll be the one ruling her lands.

For the PC in question, if her Count is willing to accept her as a warrior in the first place, then it makes sense that he’d accept her as a landholder (the two usually go together). Of course, if the PC has a brother at all, then she’s not getting any land; that’s why it’s called male-preference primogeniture. (Splitting an estate is generally not done in this time period, though younger sons may be given lesser estates of their own.)

Now, a special note. In Germany, succession is purely agnatic (Salic Law). In France, this wasn’t normally the case, but the French pulled it out of their asses in an attempt to stop Edward III from taking the throne; this was the cause of the Hundred Years’ War. In England, the law was always agnatic-cognatic, but part of Stephen’s basis for a coup was that Matilda was a woman (this led to the Anarchy, and neither side actually won).

I really liked it, I am personally a fan of the era in which the game is based. The writing kept me interested, so just keep up the good work and you’ll probably have an excellent game.

@god_of_demonz Yes I got the idea based on the famous bandit. I don’t like the name Greenmen. Just used it as a placeholder. So I will change it if I find something better. I was under the impression that historians are conflicted of Hood’s existence and those who do believe put him in the 12th century.

@ramidel That’s quite a lecture. Thanks. I will change that part.

@falconxcii Thank you. I wasn’t sure whether there was any interest in a medieval game when I started this project. Glad to see the feedback.

Since one of my main obsessions is any type of history this game catches my interest like a dog with a bone. Not yet done with a full play through but what I have played I like very much. I love when historically or presently women buck social convention and go against the norm. I especially love medieval times so yay!

@scrivener I hear you. History is one my most favorite topics as well. Strangely, I am more interested in the history of Europe (especially medieval England) than that of my own country which is why I based the game there.

So far nobody has posted any bugs. I’m surprised.

Same here. I think for me it’s cause there’s so much more to investigate than my own country’s brief three hundred year official history. I especially like ancient times like Greece and Rome and Persia. The only bug I can really find is clicking on options that say not yet ready and half the time it will let me choose it and continue playing the game.

@scrivener Well mine has a 2500 year old history but it has been mostly peaceful (which is why I’m disinterested) until we were invaded by the Portuguese first, then the Dutch and finally the British. They say that human mind loves chaos and violence more than peace and I am a prime example.

The not yet ready means that their consequences have not been added. Sorry about that. I will work on them soon.

Mine just loves going to war and can’t go twenty years without some conflict or another. Or meddling in some conflict or another. Your profile pic is it from one of the Fallout games? I want to say a Brotherhood of Steel soldier?