Mech RP


Hey guys this is a thread about a Mech RP (though i think you know that from the title)


What is mech?


Big robot. Usually being driven by someone.


Oh. I would rather not…


I would. The Star Wars RP has all but been taken over at this point…


There will be your human character and your Mech. Also, the backstory is: There are three main continents, arranged right next to eachother. To the East is the Shay empire, to the West are the Mai dynasty, and the continent between them is strewn with small rebel factions, no real main government. The middle continent is the main battlefield for the two nations.

Everyone should be playing as a character with a mech fighting on either side, and their mech’s appearance should match the character’s appearance and personality.

Your character’s name:
Rank: (note that you can be in a team with other players! This could drastically change your character’s style of fighting)

Mech’s name: (if you want it to have a name, it doesn’t have to)
Type: (Most mechs should have a compatibaility for one of these, but some mechs can have an advantage on ONE of these and a smaller disadvantage at the others:
Air, Water, Land) Your Mech doesn’t have to have an advantage for any of them and have a medium level for all three
Resemblance: (Human or Beast)
Mech’s Appearance:
Mech’s weapon(s):


Alrighty. What all do we need to put down?


I might, it depends


Well…I guess Ill do it.


Edited my post


Name: Chris Green
Appearance: 5’4, stocky, green eyes and dusty blonde hair
Alliegance: No one, he is a wanderer.
Mechs name: Silverspoon
Type: Land.
Resemblance: Human
Mechs appearance: Painted silver chrome, various claw marks all over due to animal mech fights.


@revanrulesrussa I would rather you have an alliegence to one of the nations, but if you really dont want to, then be yourself


Name: Felicia “Flick” Cage
Appearance: Dyed-green hair, green eyes, 5’8, green jumpsuit with white stripes.
Alliegence: Shay Empire
Rank: Captain (if that’s okay)

Mech’s name: Mint
Type: Advantage in the Air.
Resemblance: Beast
Mech’s Appearance: Basically a large humanoid hawk, primarily white with green highlights, and a large pair of wings on its back (that actually house swords and rockets; they only help stabilize while flying).
Mech’s weapon(s): Twin swords, rockets (both smart and dumb), heavy machine guns in the forearms, laser cannon in the beak. Flick sits in the chest.


I prefer to be merc for hire. My character is very comical and Silverspoon is one hell of a fighter.


@revanrulesrussa SEAL OF APPROVAL […]
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Guys i was thinking of waiting a bit before starting the RP, i dont want to bore u guys to death waiting tho!


Cool. Can we start?


I don’t mind waiting, but whatever you wanna do.


Your character’s name: Lia Collens
Appearance: 6’1, skinny, heterochromatic (Blue-right,Red-Left), and short wild blonde hair
Allegiance: Mei Dynasty
Rank: not sure

Mech’s name: Klarwind
Type: Air
Resemblance: Humanoid
Mech’s Appearance: Silver with green highlights, has two wings/rockets protruding out of its back, two swords that gain laser edges when used resting on its hips


Oops. Nevermind.