Measurement of engagement in games and social skills

My name is Jan Antkowiak. I study Psychology at Adam Mickiewicz University. I am currently working on my thesis and I would appreciate hearing about your experience with a particular type of games.

I would like to invite you to complete the Engagement in games and Social Competence Survey.
Participation in the study is voluntary and you can resign from it at any time without giving any reason. It will take you approximately 15 minutes to complete the survey.
Thank you for your participation.


Seems like the people who are most in need of a wake-up call about their social skills are also those who would be unable to reflect on the self enough to answer honestly.

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Your words speak truth, yet you have to put in that position, which often is invaded by bad feelings, specially towards themselves and therefore an almost primal fear of being judge by others, or even self-loathing, and lying is often a copy mechanism to deal and/or escape they reality.

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Feels like I could just have pressed the “yes I have ASD button” :sweat_smile:


This survey just made me consider how much I talk… I need to tone it down :laughing: