MC discussion- Who's your MC?

Thank you, that is really interesting :slight_smile: So there is never a choice-type that you often miss? (That is often missing even in a game that offers many choices)

It happens with ROs, there could be that game where you either flirt boldly or you don’t get to know the RO in a romantic way at all, and I think the absence of the option to show feelings in a shy/flustered manner can be kind of a bummer, cause if a character is, let’s say, an introvert, it wouldn’t really be fitting for them to flirt by winking and smirking back and stuff, (instead maybe by blushing or stuttering or stuff like that that’s not always an option, Idk) although usually games that offer a wide range of choice tend not to forget about this.

Also the option to make your character bald is not always present even in games with a decent choice range. It’s a detail, but still.

Aside from this, usually games that offer a wide range of choice from the start cover most of the things I need to play with my pre-made character, and more.
This is what comes to my mind but then again, it’s just my experience :slight_smile:

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Thank you again! This is really helpful! (I didn’t have the option to be bald, but I will try and add it to my game now! :slight_smile: )

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WHEEZE- if I played as a self insert, I’d be wondering why ANY RO has any interest in me. I am the literal worst and a bore. Every MC I make for these things are their own characters (even if I do have a tendency to play the emotionally withdrawn, shoot first ask later kind of character because it is my favorite whoops). The most self-insert-y I get is when choosing an RO and any moment of moral/ethic choices (like if MC feels bad about lying or not, or if killing can be justified if the person killed was bad, etc).


I always tend to play the game with a perspective from the sides (like the Main character is living the story and I’m just…well…ME :sweat_smile: like playing the MC spirit guide/conscience and be an invisible fellow who follow them in their journey ) so I’m more of a bystander than a player.

I don’t try to make beforehand a character because I believe most authors just try to convey an illusion of “choice” on who you’re playing (Is just me but I think they write the story with an envision of THEIR main character and then go back and make blanks and spaces in gender, sexuality etc ) I may lack creativity but I always try to recreate whatever appears on the cover and make more sense for the story trying to immagine what kind of person the author envisioned by how they write (sometimes I really like the character and sometimes I truly don’t but I follow them anyway)

So I go by mostly playing the game and making sure the character don’t kill himself, don’t act unecessarily mean to anyone (unless the story require a “evil” character ) and let them find a suitable soulmate if the story provide one. If there is more suitors I choose by who I consider got the best qualities/personality, this is actually the only thing I usually go “off script” as some choices in love interests I feel are kinda expected to be picked by the author and is one of the few moments I actually refuse to follow them by taking the role of playing matchmaker :grin:).

I don’t like retry or go back on what I picked before (So if the character end up to die it means it was supposed to, my challenge is usually make the character reach THE END of the journey) once finish (either DIE or reach the end) I put the story aside and begin a new one. Usually let some time pass (so that I forget the plot) and retry some titles I liked. That’s pretty much it :thinking:

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When I was younger, I used to do alot of self inserts in games…then I got a PS4 and began playing rpgs. I could never look at my old thought the same way. Making a character based on the premise of the story and trying to build them up from having certain personality traits. From what every good protagonist has shown me, characters need development.

So I go in, make my characters with a starting base personality with their own ideology, goals and motives depending on what game I’m playing, what choice book I’m reading or what plot I’m role-playing. If they meet someone or see something that can make them change the three aforementioned character drives, I’ll respond but changing how they act in situations they would of acted.

Example. Had an MC named Yuri who was a very shy, easily frightend character who wanted to do all she could do to help those she held dear. But she failed. She responded in kind by growing a friendly and brave facade who let her act more confident and finally let her muster courage to protect those that she had grown close to. A different approach also could have been to make her more cold and distant. Shut her heart and stop people from getting close to her.

My old MCs were self inserts. But I eventually realized personally that I don’t always want to read a book or play a game where I likely already know what choices I’m going to make. So I try my best to make a Unique and different MC for each instance, with a little self insert here and there just for the heck of it.

So my MCs are whoever the heck I feel like making by reading a synopsis of the game or book.

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First playthrough, I usually do it at random, whatever seems interesting (and try to win, too). I like seeing all the branches of the games I like, so I replay them. Heck, it’s also a good time-killer when commuting, lol.

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I always play characters that fit the setting of the story and I use the default name options most of the time. If I have a chance, I always play a greedy or rich character. I haven’t gone full asshole mode yet. Night Road enables you to become an evil character without feeling too bad for yourself because most vampires you encounter there are way worse than you.

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