MC character, monster choices

Hi everyone, MWD here and I am casting a vote to assist me in my story (this is the reason for my last topic) so here it is: if your character be any monster what will it be? And these are the options

  • Werewolf

  • Half Vampire (cannot do full because it will clash with my plans)

  • Demon

  • Minatour

  • Dragonet (casts only fire spells, can control and talk to dragons)

  • Angel

  • Water imp

  • Anccient (naturally smart, can talk in lost languages naturally, hates the stupid people)

  • Wild (great at casting life spells, easilly able to morph, knows all the animals, has the ability to talk to animals)
    These are the option I am providing, I can only put in four options (human is also an option) this is just my attempt to make things exiting for the reader since to be honest my writing is pretty s***** so yeah. Also if you can add in opinions on this thread I would be more than grateful.
    P.S most of these I made up :slight_smile:

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