Maybe I'll Tell You I Love You (Book One of "Flame and Ice of This Hollow World" Series; prototype, WIP, rough draft) 23/01/2021 — a small update

Now I have my own blog. Here I will write my thoughts, so as not to clutter the forum. I will probably appear on the forum only in January 2021, when I write a normal demo.

Now I got a job and probably won’t be able to write.

Summary of the past part here


05/12/2020 update op, wrote summary of the past part, also wrote a little about the worlds of the work


Hi, everyone. 06/12/2020
New demo is out.
Part one of prologue of the past part.

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I don’t know why but I create itch io page for my game


@im_not_savior got this while trying to check the stats.

Ok I understand that was short. Not sure what to make of it yet. But I see a lot of good progress.

Also! I saw this, (A/N: this is part of the future prequel. Should I make these inserts before the story begins or not?) and I think you should make a few inserts.

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About stats. The game is still without them, because I can’t come up with them yet.

It’s easier for me to write a story for now, but if someone wants to help with stats, I’ll be happy to accept help

I do not know if anyone likes my work, but the release will be released in February.


The “hearts” on your OP seem to indicate that people like your work. Just an observation. :wink:


There’s been a minor update. Can anyone tell me if my code is okay? Can it be improved?

The next update will be on February 20