Maybe I'll Tell You I Love You (Book One of "Flame and Ice of This Hollow World" Series; prototype, WIP, rough draft) 23/01/2021 — a small update (cancelled)

[English is not my first language - please keep that in mind while reading.
I am also not an experienced writer or game designer whatsoever. I don’t know why I’m doing this at all.]

Hello, everyone! This is your friendly Snake Snow. I’ve begun work on my new and first game “Maybe I’ll Tell You I Love You”.

This is the first work in “Flame and Ice of This Hollow World” series. The series of supernatural and superhero fiction. There will be approximately six (or maybe less or more) works in the series.

Tags: multiple protagonists, multiple endings, multiple narrative, supernatural fiction, superheroes fiction

This series tells about two families that are connected to each other, about love and its meaning, betrayal and hidden past.

This work will tell about the supernatural world of my series and the first part of the Powers family history and the clans of the mediums history.

My IF games will be consist of four story. Story will be consist of two parts: Past and Present. The first part (past) will be affects the second part (present).

You will play for two completely different characters. Each of them will have their own RO.

Each of the story will have different endings. Good, bad and neutral. How many of them will be still unknown.

Summary of this work
Summary ~Past~

One day there was an incident that changed MC’s life. They found out that everything they belived was just a lie that thier grandfather had built. It opened their eyes to the terrible things that happened in the clan. Now they will have to choose whether to go against the clan to change it or to accept the situation.

Summary ~Present~

I have seen ghosts all my life, sometimes I saw different spirits, but it was rare. All my life I considered myself a weirdo. All my life I was lonely. Nobody wanted to be friends with me. Only one person in my life was my best friend, maybe even more than my friend.

Everything was fine until I had to leave. I didn’t want to leave, but it was the only way I could save the people I love.

A few years later they found me. It was strange for me to see them after so many years.

They’re everything I ever wanted, but… They’re also my nightmare.They’re my ghost. I don’t know why. For some reason I feel guilty about them.

No matter how much I try to escape from my past, it will still catch up with me wherever I am.

I don’t what those strange powers. I just want to live a normal life. Like all other normal people.

I don’t want to keep seeing these ghosts and spirits that drives me crazy. Though it’s driving me crazy, I’m helping the ghosts find peace.

But despite everything, I will still have to face the past to find out the secrets that hidden in it.

In this game you can:
  • play as male, female, nonbinary; gay, straight, bi, gray ace;
  • reveal the secrets of the forgotten past and what happened in childhood;
  • find out why you see ghosts and other spirits, about you powers and real family;
  • find out why your (ex) boyfriend/girlfriend/partner is following you, even though you told them you broke up and told them not to follow you ((ex) boyfriend/girlfriend/partner escape route); find out why your best friend is following you, even though you told them not to follow you (best friend escape route); find out why the ghost of your dead best friend or your dead ex-boyfriend/girlfriend/partner is haunting you and cause of them death (dead best friend route/ dead ex route);
  • help ghosts resolve their problems and move to a ghost reality
About the world of Flame and Ice of This Hollow World
  • worlds / realities
    Core world / human reality: living beings live here. This is where the lines of other worlds converge.
    Ghost world / ghost reality: here come the souls who have unfinished business. May appear in the core world.


05/12/2020 write about the world, summary of the past part;
06/12/2020 new demo; part one of prologue of the past part.
23/01/2021 a small update

To play new demo, go here:

And if you found any errors you can write me PM on forum (@im_not_savior ) or on my post on CoG forum


very interesting summary of the game, cant wait to see where it goes :slight_smile:

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That was a short demo. But it does enough to intrigue me about this, alongside the summary.

I’m kind of skeptical towards the “can’t leave behind the past” trope since it’s a bit overused nowadays, but this looks like it would be interesting, especially with ghosts and stuffs.

Good luck with the project! Will be looking forward to see more.


@Mistyleaf123 Thanks so much.
@moonfungus Thanks so much. About “can’t leave behind the past” maybe I won’t use it. I don’t know yet. Only today I started writing honestly.

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I think the “can’t leave past behind” could still be done well, if you give it a twist. Maybe (as it kind of sounds like) the past can’t leave YOU behind, hence the ghosts and stuff. Maybe the harder you try to push the past behind you, the stronger the ghosts get, they gain more powers, abilities, etc. Maybe instead of getting past the past, you have to embrace it… or perish. idk, ideas! :sweat_smile:


@Buraida_Zubair thanks so much

If you want it to be a theme of your story don’t let people dissuade you; it’s your story, no one else’s.

That said, you do want to have your story’s themes firmly in mind beforehand. Trying to decide on them or switch them up over you’re already in the weeds will cause you no end of headache.


hey, no worries about the theme. can’t leave the past behind is a decent theme to go with. lion king did it pretty well imo, with rafiki putting it best “run from it or learn from it”.


@Malvastor @snas

It’s just that I haven’t decided yet in what direction story will go. I already have a hundred variants of plot development in my head.

Just because of my problems ( health and others) it is hard for me to focus on the story. But I am writing.

Sorry for my errors.


Sounds interesting can’t wait to try demo

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@Harley_Robin_Evans thanks

Thank you for your likes and support. I apologize for the delay in updating. (I know that I wrote that update on October 27th, but I was working and could not release the update). I will try to release the update Saturday or Sunday at 17:00 (UTC+3)

Sorry for my errors.


I can’t concentrate on working on this work. I will work on it, but I probably won’t post on the forum. I knew that I would make a post, so everything will go down the drain. No one is to blame for this, it is entirely the author’s fault. I just hurried with the post

I’ll be back in January 2021

I’m sorry. Your Shake.

one of @moderators can you close my thread?


Hi, everyone. I came back.

I slightly changed the concept and plot of my IF games.

Now my IF game will be consist of four arcs (story). Arcs (story) will be consist of two parts: Past and Present. The first part (past) will be affects the second part (present).

You will play for two completely different characters. Each of them will have their own RO.

Each of the arcs will have different endings. Good, bad and neutral. How many of them will be still unknown.

A new summary and update OP will appear when I have the normal Internet in home.

I’m sorry for my errors. :upside_down_face:

Arc One: Destiny
Past I: A Common Enemy
Word Count 25.11–26.11
Including command lines: 116
Excluding command lines: 110


Hi, everyone!

This is a small demo to test the choice of gender and appearance of the character.

I’m just need your opinion, because I’m not a native speaker.

A small test demo

sorry about my errors


It looks pretty good, but I spotted these two typos:
It should be the ghost’s way.You missed the s.
It should be “with a rare gift”,not “with rare gift.”
Apart from those, it’s pretty good,and I can’t wait for more.

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Looks like it’s coming along very nicely but I have found one error. It seems that no matter your choice of height it always says the mc is tall



I maybe make error. I don’t display height variable…

Thank you.