Master List: Hosted Games/WIPs Social Media (Tumblr, Twitter, Discord, Patreon)

Hello, I’ve compiled a list of links to every WIP and HG project (that I know of) on Tumblr. I hope this is useful for anyone who wants to delve even deeper into the lore and development of these games or follow the author outside of the forums and ask questions there (avoiding clutter in these threads)!

If I missed any projects or if you find a broken/wrong link, please feel free to edit the post, as it’s a wiki! Other social media links are welcome so long as you have the author’s permission to share and you follow the following format!

Format for posting here:

| Name of the Game | Tumblr Username | Patreon Username | Discord Server Name | Publication Status (WIP, Complete, or Published) | Twitter Handle |

Title Tumblr Patreon Discord Publication Status Twitter
The Wayhaven Chronicles seraphinitegames seraphinitegames Published
Fallen Hero: Rebirth fallenhero-rebirth Published
Keeper of the Sun and Moon keeperofthesunandmoon Published
Shepherds of Haven shepherds-of-haven rinari shepherds of haven WIP
Apex Predators apex-predators-project rinari WIP
The Seven Heirs of Ophaesia fantasyfawkes fantasyfawkes WIP
Son of Satan: The Mortal Coil sosthemortalcoil WIP
Fox of Sunholt foxofsunholt WIP
Modern Witch: Coven modernwitchcoven WIP
King of Kings / An Absinthian Ballad locria-writes WIP
Heir to the Throne heir-to-the-throne-cog WIP
At Sixes and Sevens at-sixes-and-sevens-game WIP
Betovering House betoveringhouse WIP
Model Citizens: Unmasked thenickelportrust clairerwrites WIP
Reports from Philomena reportsfromphilo WIP
Mortal Hero: Patron of the Gods mortalheroseries WIP
A Witch’s Curse a-witches-curse WIP
Children of the Gods childrenofthegods WIP
Guenevere newarcana WIP
Bright Eyes, Black Blood brighteyes-blackblood WIP
Icarus Sun thecityandthechild clairerwrites WIP
A Thousand Miles of Sky athousandmilesofsky WIP
The Shadow Society carawenfiction WIP
Diaspora diasporatheblog krakenstudios WIP
Honey and Fire honeyandfiregame WIP
Keepers of Fairfort cheion-writes WIP
Curse of the Spirit curseofthespirit
3150 Dahlia Street 3150dahliast WIP
Regrets of the Traitor regrets-of-the-traitor-game WIP
Lure of the Gallows lureofthegallowsgame WIP
Replica: Between Universes replicabetweenblogs WIP
Raven’s Flight / Hunter’s Sacrifice fullyfadingnight WIP
Omens omensandrust WIP
The Vanished Project 666whatsyourvanishing smolthevanishedproject WIP
The Fallen Divine thefallendivine WIP
Supernatural in New York llamagirl28 WIP
Roots roots-game WIP
Trails Lead Home trailshome WIP
13 Stories / Superstition 13leaguestories WIP
Curious Cuisine cornucopiagazette WIP
Becoming Guardian ldswrites WIP
Return to Zemia sviyginthegreat WIP
5 of Swords 5-of-swords WIP
Event Zero event-zero WIP
A ‘Regular’ Life in New York aregularnewyorklife WIP
The Unwanted Warrior theunwantedwarriorgame nutellaqueen WIP
Turncoat Chronicle zincalloygames hazelgold WIP hazelgoldblog
Heaven’s Dog heavensdog WIP
Become Mortal becomemortal WIP
Demon: Recollect demonrecollect WIP
The Golden Rose anathemafiction WIP
Blades of Damasus starcrossedkitsune WIP
One in a Millennium oneinamillennium WIP
The Soul Stone War intimidatingpuffinstudios intimidatingpuffinstudios WIP
Monster Maker the-deep-sink WIP
Path of Fire path-of-fire WIP
Burwick Destination burwickdestination WIP
Calling of Metem’s Hollow stormheartgames stormheartgames WIP
A Crack in the Spyglass / Hollow Monsters ignifexgames WIP
Where the Road Leads Us wtrlu WIP
Rewind: Book One gatheringstarduststudios WIP
Streets of Treslan: A Stab in the Dark drdolphinrider WIP
Metanoia wearemetanoia WIP
The Porthecrawl Witness respite-and-nepenthe WIP
Seven’s Deadly sevensdeadly WIP
Triaina Academy leo-interactive-fiction WIP
That Which Lurks that-which-lurks-trilogy WIP
Wilhelmina fidere-k WIP
The Passenger the-passenger-if WIP
Bad Ritual heart-forge WIP
Below Eden belowedengame beloweden WIP
Arcana of the Lost arcanaofthelost WIP
Voltaic trevermckenzie WIP
Nuclear Powered Toaster / The Parenting Simulator theparentingsimulator hustlertwo Published / WIP nptoaster
God of The Red Mountain friendlybowlofsoup WIP
Demon Bound demonboundif WIP
AMYGDALA: Encode amygdalagame WIP

Actually, I made it a wiki if you don’t mind.


Yay, thank you! That’s great!

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Hey @rinari @RETowers you can add this one: for “Return to Zemia” a character driven sci-fi setting political/prince(ss) game. I assume @sviyagin made the tumblr for a reason after all.

Oh, @RETowers feel free to delete this post afterwards if you want.


Thank you for this!


Thank you for giving me the idea! XD


Just as a reminder: this is a wiki post, so anyone can edit it with new links! :slight_smile: Just please be sure to follow the format!


Would it be worth it to add space in the format for links to Twitters, Facebooks, etc? Make this into a general masterlist for author social medias?


I think that’s a great idea! I’ll put the new format at the top and everyone can contribute as they wish!

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New format to accommodate Facebook pages and Twitter handles! Please feel free to add as you wish!


Updated with some new links to more recent WIPs that have appeared lately (I hope no one minds!). If you notice any errors or your link missing, feel free to edit the original post while using the current format!


Updated with a handful of new links to new WIPs/authors! Ought there be a Patreon slot in this list to have all the Patreon links in one place? Is there a need for that? I thought there was an existing one somewhere, but can’t seem to find it! :woman_shrugging:


I think a Patreon slot would be helpful. Keep everything in one place. Easier for both the authors and whoever wants to support.


Got it! I added a Patreon slot and a Discord slot since I noticed very few people seem to use Twitter or Facebook for their games, anyway. Not going to add a Ko-Fi slot at the moment since it’s more of a one-time (or several-times) donation link rather than social media that people can follow or join actively (though I know some people use it for commissions, I think this list should be for places that 1) either create communities around specific authors, HGs, and WIPs and/or 2) share extra game content and lore for the aforementioned).


:loudspeaker: Only the creators, members, or mods of individual servers can generate invite links to Discord, so if you have a Discord for your game, please add it to this list yourself! :loudspeaker:

If you need my help navigating the list just PM me, I know it looks pretty crazy when you start to edit…


A number of authors have pages on Facebook, and a few have websites or twitter, but it’s more unusual for them to make one specifically for each game they’re working on.

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I am too concerned about screwing something up to go through with editing the wiki. Anyone mind slipping in my Discord link:

Also, my Twitter is @nptoaster and my Tumblr is theparentingsimulator unless Inneed some kind or something for that. I kinda never used it before.

I got you, @hustlertwo! Next time direct links would help in case there are any similar/identical usernames out there; I didn’t know the exact name of your server so I can change it if you want!


Sorry, tried to find a link button on Tumblr to no avail.

This was very cool of you to do, and even cooler of you to continue updating for everyone. Cheers! :heart:


Kudos on all the hard work, it looks great.

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