Mass Mother Murderer [9/13 Chapters, 136k words]



All I’ll say is that in MMM, just expect the MC to be a 100% monster. :innocent: :zipper_mouth_face:


You know, you can have the MC break the fourth wall and say; “Tell me, who is the real monster?” Just for more psychological torture on us readers :grin:.


“Despite having considered myself a monster for as long as I can remember, it still comes as a shock when I’m confronted with the depth of evil that exists in this world.” Love you, Dexter :kissing_heart::sob::sob::sob:

Whereas if the MC in MMM just saw tapes of women being tortured, they’d just feel disinterest, curiosity, or amusement.


MMM MC: Nice, a kindred spirit, maybe I should do something like that to immortalize my art.


Since MMM is set in the same world as The Magician’s Burden, does that mean in the option in TMB to pretend to be a killer that haunted the village some time ago, the killer was the MC in MMM?


That would be a cool allusion, but The Magician’s Burden is set in Orilon, and Mass Mother Murderer is set in Rhys Falls a very long way away. :slight_smile:


Spelling errors in chapter 1.

You are a monster, and monsters need to hone their instincts and become familiar with their environment. As well as exploring the woods, you enjoy carving and creating camoflouge.


but you can also craft weapons and camoflouges


you’re vastly more knowleadgable about arcana than most poeple.

knowledgeable, people

With your position as the vice-captain of the guard and your illegal extra curicullar activities,


Whenever you get the chance, you go to the sparring

Sparring ring

but it’s also fun as hell to beat up on the amateurs.

Remove the bolded word.


I make the most vile typos. :mask::mask::mask: Thanks; those are fixed now!


So I was told that there are gonna be tons of MMM fans demanding rape and cruelty porn in the story. Abort, abort! You guys have been found out. :roll_eyes:


wait, what ? as far as i’v seen, people are asking to dial down the cruelty a bit if anything, no one is asking for torture porn XD

also you’ll never catch me alive


He’s gotta get past Apple guys for it to reach everyone. They’ll allow the murder biw because there are horror genre games in the App Store. You put anything that involves directly interacting with rape the it’s an immediate shutdown.


I have absolutely zero intentions of putting rape in the story.


Then perhaps we should focus on what is in the story … any Dexter Easter Eggs planned?


Sheeit, probably! I have a crush on Dexter, lol.


Spelling error in chapter 1.

Your focus is on Devero, who your consider to be one of your biggest threats



but seriously, who said that ?


Rumor is that you said it.




I don’t wanna put them on blast, but I just thought the idea behind the statement was pretty ridiculous. Neither the story nor the readers are immoral. My fans just like dark stories and the story features some horrible stuff that is glorified by the MC, but rebuked by every other character.


Eh, fuck it. Its 2018. If anything, that should have been expected. Its whatever. Not everything is for everyone. If only some people understood that.