Mass Mother Murderer [8/14 Chapters, 106k words]



I think we already have a choice to pick our own “L” when that scene pops up asking who do we consider to be our greatest threat to our plans


I haven’t gotten that far. Currently at dealing with Werner. Still, only the arsonist seems able to parse us out from where I’m at.

Will we get to “practice” on anyone we have met personally?


I will say that TotDH isn’t up to par with The Magician’s Burden or MMM at all, as I wrote it when I was 17. But, you might find it entertaining if you don’t go into it expecting to see something like this. :stuck_out_tongue:

I’d say Kel, Abella, and Edina are the most intelligent characters aside from the MC. (Though actually, Kel and Edina are really AS smart as the MC.)

The MC is by far the most powerful character in the story, but as the story progresses, you’ll see that one of the four investigators in particular starts posing them the most problems. You can probably guess who it is at this point.

All of the torture victims will be vague acquaintences of the MC that happened to be convenient to kidnap.


Why does making Stefen vomit give the MC a boost in Charisma?


It’s a sort of smug humiliation thing.


It’s crazy. As much as I love this game, you’ve made Efastia too precious. Maybe because I’m an older brother, but all the sibling interactions, my character always does the “nice” option. I’m ok killing everyone I’ve met but letting poor Efestia die is probably the most heartless thing he’s done… which is all types of fascinating when you think about it

Edit:: AND mom’s only 33??? #milfalert


Yeah, Efastia is a total munchkin but it’s just one of those fucked up things that had to be in the story to get the plot barrelling ahead and to add some dynamism.

Pretty much. :stuck_out_tongue:

I just realized I forgot to put bios for Kat and Mercier in the stat screen, so I’ll be doing that later tonight.


I get that. I just hope we have the chance to, once all this mom business is over, revisit our memories of Efastia and realize she wasn’t that bad of a sister and that maybe, just maybe, she didn’t “have” to die to act as an impetus to everything (maybe if you get her relationship stat high enough)

Seriously, you couldn’t have just taken the easy way out and just made the mom evil. You just had to force the player to realize that the character is responsible for everything that happened to them and that “the big bad evil mom” is actually just a good woman that has Henry Evans for a son and can’t bring herself to kill him. Too cruel… too cruel… :cry::cry:


Yeah, the ironic thing is that even though we all know Edina is a manipulative, unstable, cruel person, she still loves Efastia more than she loves herself, even a decade after she died. Add that to the fact that, to the readers’ knowledge, Edina never actually inflicted her cruelty on anyone but the MC.

So as much as the MC despises and fears their mother, they are actually the much bigger monster.


I literally haven’t seen any of that lol.
The woman is hosing a crazy psycho that essentially murdered her daughter. While its easy to write off what she did as manipulative or cruel, I’d say it’s a slightly exaggerated response of a grieving mother.

I mean put yourself in her shoes. You’re a single mother which means there is already some drama due to no dad/husband being around. Your devil magic slightly “off” son goes with your daughter to the lake to have fun. You specifically tell your son, the eldest that you love (he’s your son after all), to keep his sister safe. You then get the idea that, “Hey, it’s a nice day outside. Why don’t I surprise the kids with a picnic! They’ll love that.” And when you show up, your eldest son is sitting happily atop your dead daughter’s body(a daughter, I might add, who is so pure and innocent, she brightens anyone’s day).

I think locking the fucker in a closet for a few days is certainly the “least worse” thing you could do. A million miles behind “have him arrested, abandoning him, or killing him in a fit of rage” at any rate.

Mom is unstable, but the mc is a real piece of work thinking he’s not the direct cause. Irony is really something, I know


I 100% agree. We see Edina doing all sorts of fucked up things, but put into context, they at least start to become more “reasonable.”


This is what your book reminds me of. This scene in particular:


Oh please, no one can be as great as Sato.


True. Very true. I just meant the dynamic between the MC and their parent


Samuel o___o



Sorry it’s true. Sato is like if Kira and Madara had a baby that was raised by Voldemort


Well dayum :o


So if Mr. Perfect and I’m better than you at everything had a baby that was raised by a prodigal ball of Nazi evil :blush:

He also did one of the scenes I was ok with censorship just because what they replaced it with was awesome.


But seriously what’s with the Samuel? Fan Translation?

Now that I’ve posted here I’m obligated to look for errors at least once… just let me procrastinate for a bit.


Pretty sure Samuel is his real name and Sato is his “acquired name”

Yeah. He’s this nearly impossible to kill badass military tactician that wants to rule the world(?) or at the very least want to cause a ton of chaos. Oh, and he literally can’t die… and can create a weird monster that is impervious to almost anything and can phase through walls…kind of op actually lol, ergo the comparison


I have to reread Ajin :disappointed_relieved:

Don’t forget that he delivers great fried chicken.

Whenever I pick a sibling interaction in a game I usually go with the ignore them route. Maybe annoying if I’m the younger.