Mass Mother Murderer [8/14 Chapters, 106k words]



Could it be possible for us to get the Michael myers mask?


Hi loved that new update thanks for working so hard :slight_smile: but maybe you can add a long-ranged weapon option when you deliver the final blow against Werner? It’s just a suggestion tho. :thinking:


Thanks! You’d have to be discreet about what sort of weapons you brought with you to the mine, so a crossbow would be out of the question. I could add another choice for the blowpipe and dart, though.

I definitely get what you mean about the word “supervillain” being used in MMM. I have some reservations, too, but I also like the idea for a few reasons. I’ll explain in detail and add a poll in a bit.


maybe just call it a Villain’s mask ? that sound more like how a medieval setting would talk while keeping the idea


Thanks to everyone who pointed out typos! Those are fixed now.


In the scene where we use our phantom magic on Kat, the MC thinks about how they would’t know how to deal with a demonic possession. Do you think this should be different if MC studies magic as their hobby and/or morning routine?


Yeah, I’ll put in an *if statement for that.


This is another song I listen to a lot while writing MMM. :+1:

Also, I’ve added a choice to kill Werner with your blowpipe and tranquilizer darts.


In the choice: “You pull out your blowpipe, quickly loading it with a tranquilizer dart.”

In your state, mother, this will sendyou into a sleep that you’ll never return from,

send you

Instead, he turns around and dahes away



So, I know my decision to have the MC call themselves a supervillain might feel strange and I understand your misgivings about it. However, I also think it works well for several reasons. But, since it’s jarring and probably even a bit controversial, I’ll supply both sides of the argument for this term and then make a poll so you guys can give me your opinions on whether I should go through with keeping this term in MMM or not.

Reasons why I think the MC calling themselves a supervillain works:

  • They have a gigantic ego. Creating an entirely new, hyperbolic word to describe themselves is in line with this.
  • The MC will gradually be making a new identity for themselves to cast away their old, weak, “unable to kill Edina” self. They will be creating a mask and an alias for themselves, and this is in line with what supervillains do, too.
  • Supervillains are really just villains with super powers. Super powers are really just magic, and the MC is a villain with magic. To me, the serial killer is a supervillain, as strange as that might seem.

Why I also have reservations about the MC calling themselves a supervillain:

  • Obviously, that term is almost exclusively used in modern comic books and super hero stories. An extremely dark, medieval horror story about a serial killer is obviously massively different than super hero stories.

All that said, here’s the poll. Your feedback on this is much appreciated! In the end, the MC’s transformation will still be the same, and all this decision will do is change what they call themselves. Even so, I think it’s pretty important.


Honestly, I understand and agree with all the reasons you gave for which the MC may very well call themselves a supervillain. My issue with it was subjective rather than objective, because growing up reading super-hero comics and watching the movies almost created a very set definition for the term in my mind. I voted accordingly, but just letting you know that I’d have no issues at all if you decide to keep it, I’ll simply grow used to it.


I personaly don’t care either way

maybe just have the character go ‘the mask of a true villain !, of a Supervillain !’ to kinda indicate he just made up that word because of his ego


Personally I saw the MC as a Wannabe Übermensch where they feel above societal values and apply their own self-centered custom morality. Add to that their belief that committing matricide will allow them to overcome the shackles of their past and become something new and powerful.

But a Supervillain with no real foil (e.g. a Heroic Psychopath, if one can even exist or an altruistic equivalent on the side of justice) in a setting where everyone is too complacent with a small town mentality where nothing sinister is ever expected to happen kind of paints a picture of a demon tormenting a herd of sheep.


I agree but keep in mind that this isn’t a standalone interactive fiction. I wouldn’t be surprised if some corrupt, badass, magical bounty hunter squad shows up in the sequels. Would give it a more of a Dexter vibe too.


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