Mass Mother Murderer [8/14 Chapters, 106k words]



I understand that, and as you said Efastia’s drowning and the abuse and abandonment from the MC’s father are the two things that really made Edina the monster that she is (so, her second husband, i.e. Efastia’s father and his actions didn’t really affect her all that much). That is exactly what I was saying, that even if Efastia’s father chose to stick around, Edina would still be the abusive bitch she is, right?


You made a good point, i hadn’t though of it like that


To a lesser degree, yes! Though it’s possible things with Efastia would have turned out differently if she had a father to watch over her, too, but obviously he wasn’t the caring type.

Exactly! Most psycho and sociopaths aren’t serial killers. I remember a few months ago we were talking about what MC would do without Edina’s abuse. I said they would still be just as manipulative, selfish, etc, but wouldn’t have a reason to kill so many people now. The only reason they became a serial killer was because they believed their psychological freedom depended on it.


Yup and there is also the fact that with some form ethical training / teaching, a lot of them can actualy understand on a concious level why they shouldn’t murder or do thing society deems bad even if it’s to their advantage, basicaly making them almost normal through education (because there are actual logical reason for why we evolved to feel like we do , the only difference would be that one of them would know those reason conciously rather than just feel them like us but the result would be more or less the same)

it’s all really fascinating to be honest, your game actualy made me curious about psychopath, sociopath and the likes so i searched a bit and i’v found a lot of interesting info like that


Minor update:

The choices to drug Werner when capturing him and to use telepathy to torture him are now available.

One of the requirements for the drugging choice is 10 Nature. That’s currently attainable, but you would have to choose both of the nature choices earlier in the demo. I’ll be adding a couple more nature choices in the previous chapters to balance things out.


Would the MC have tried to save Efastia despite their psychopathy had they been brought up in a more caring environment?


Well, technicaly, the MC would have done it if he had actualy though about it before letting it happen, because no matter his view, it’s obvious that letting her drown is for the worst for him, too bad he was a child back then and didn’t actualy think of the consequence beyond ‘it’s too much of chore’

so in an environement who made him more responsible / thoughfull of consequence, he would have probably saved her , it doesn’t really need to be specificaly caring


Precisely. A mature MC would have realized that letting her drown could ruin their life. Since they were eight years old, they only realised this when Edina saw what happened.

That said, there are many cases where the MC might do good things, but only for selfish reasons. (I.e. saving Efastia so Edina wouldn’t go insane and hurt them, or comforting Devero to gain influence over him.)

Being brought up in a caring environment would make a huge difference. As opposed to being hateful, vindictive, and angry, the MC would likely just be cold, detached, and apathetic towards others. Still dangerous, but not nearly as much as the current MC. (So, the difference between letting Efastia drown as opposed to torturing and murdering several people.)


Are there any theories on the Efastia relationship stat despite her posthumous status?




I like to think that her ghost is going to pop up and then haunt us.

“Brother, why did you let me drown?”

“Damnit for the last time, I wanted to see how it would happen!”


We can summon a goddamn revenant and ghosts apparently exist so probably half the people who died because of the MC are still probably around in one form or another, as usual for Fantasy settings


Yeah I could think of three possibilities thus far to explain it.

Theory 1: Its just a red-herring and only used to retroactively measure relationship within later flashbacks.

Theory 2: She somehow survived and was sent away by Edina to protect her from the MC. Probably not true since the mother could have kept her and sent the MC away instead. Interesting to ponder about nonetheless, the idea that all this time she has been alive and (presumably) well (or perhaps scarred for life from the near-death experience) and will make a shock return near the end of Volume 1 after Edina has (presumably) been murdered.

Theory 3: She died but will somehow return, most likely as a specter. Most likely considering ghosts and demons can be summoned and since its implied that the MC inherited magic maternally, its possible that the mother may be capable of summoning the ghost of her dead daughter, for whatever kind of perverse sentimentality.

Alternatively the MC might summon her to taunt Edina with a corrupted memory of her favorite child but this doesn’t seem as likely since being a phantom mage is determinant.

Can’t help but wonder what happens to the souls of the MC’s victims and how they feel about being dead (if they can at all).


I’ll be posting Chapter 7 tonight.

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I ain’t falling for that one, i wasn’t born yesterday, buddy



So, what I intended to be Chapter 7 actually ended up smaller than I thought it would be, at only 7k words. So, I decided to just add it to Chapter 6. Now, the total wordcount of the demo is 93k and the playthrough length is 41k.

In this new update, another main character is murdered and you can choose your supervillain mask. As always, feedback, comments, typo spotting, and bug spotting are much appreciated. I hope you enjoy!

Also, more stat checks are being introduced, now. I haven’t tested these yet, so let me know if you think these are fair, or if they’re too difficult or even unattainable.


Loved the update!

One thing that kind of bothered me was the the term ‘supervillain mask’ being used by the MC. It feels somewhat out of place, because the word ‘supervillain’ automatically brings to mind the term ‘superheroes’ and this story couldn’t be further from all that stuff so it broke my immersion just a little. Or, I’ve been reading too much comics, lol. I would prefer it to be called simply ‘mask’ or maybe ‘killer mask’ or something like that.


Spelling errors, in chapter 6.

You grit your teeth and twist away, but not soo enough.


Now, hoever, the place is still dangerous,


There used to be wooden barricasdes in front of the entrance,


With an angry shout, you lunge forward, sending your fists flying towards his face in a bour.



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