Mass Mother Murderer [8/14 Chapters, 106k words]



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didn’t the spoiler blur thing work ? i don’t really know how to use the forum feature yet so i’m not sure of what works and what doesn’t


I could read that despite the blur. They really need to improve on that to the point that we can’t even read the words through that.

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What did you think of Mindhunter?


I loved it. It’s very rare to have such an engrossing show that has basically zero violence or action. It was held up very well by the great dialogue and characters, and obviously the interesting interviews.


I might just rewatch the Talented Mr Ripley, I was somehow reminded of it in this game.

Also what do we know about the MC’s father?


Not much, just that he was very abusive to Edina and that he abandoned her shortly before the MC was born. He’ll be a minor character in Volume 2.


And here I thought we’re going to have mass father murderer


I agree. I really enjoyed how they handled Kemper. The actor managed to do a convincing impression while also be charming enough to demonstrate why these people are able to hide their inner darkness. Although I got a chuckle out of the fact that they couldn’t an actor that was as tall as the real Ed.


It was especially impressive since that was the actor’s debut role. Yeah, Kemper was freakishly tall. I’m 6’3" so it’s rare for anyone to be taller than me, haha.


I had wondered whether the MC’s psychopathy was paternally inherited or not and what feelings they have of each other.


Since he left before MC’s birth, does that mean that Efastia and MC don’t have the same father?


He wouldn’t have called him the MC’s father if he wasn’t.


Yeah, Efastia has a different father. He wasn’t abusive, but he also abandoned Edina.


Between how damaged the mother is and how fucked up the son is, i understand him, i’d bail out of that mess too

the MC could have been a real ally to order if he had the proper ethical education rather than the abuse

apparently, it’s rare for peoples with that kind of problem to actualy become murderers without a traumatic trigger or a traumatic motivation


Even if Efastia’s father decided not to abandon the family, I doubt he’d have done much good. Edina is beyond all kinds of redemption, and even if the MC’s stepfather could stay and even genuinely care for the MC the abuse both of them would face from Edina would get out of hand at one point. Who knows, maybe even she’d create two monsters instead of one.


I think the father was a horrible person as well since he was “extremely abusive” to Edina before he bailed.


the abusive one was the MC’s father, i’m talking about the sister’s father


Yeah, it’s no cioncidence that the vast majority of serial killers had horrific childhood abuse. A good deal of them were surely psychopaths rather than sociopaths, but that still shows that the abuse just makes it even worse regardless of whether someone can’t make human connections to begin with.

Edina is super fucked up, but without the MC’s father abusing her or Efastia drowning, she’d just be like most of the other cold, neglectful parents.


There is also the fact that without trauma that would change their priority or capacity to relate to reality or their own comfort / well being, they would have little to no reason to kill even if they don’t have any humans connection, since society is made in such a way that murder and crime in general has lot more downside than upside, they would have no incentive to actualy do that kind of thing, it’s not because you don’t care about something that you are ready to hurt yourself to destroy said thing you don’t care about

just like in your game, you remove the mother’s abuse and the MC would have never bothered to kill anyone, he would have just done whatever is better for him and that would be all, even if ‘whatever is better for me’ probably imply some kind of screwing over other people at some point, it would still be far from his action in the game

after you also have the problem of paraphilia that would make them identify sexual pleasure with their crime but paraphilia are also heavily linked to abuse apparently