Mass Mother Murderer [8/14 Chapters, 106k words]



Because why not?


What do you mean?


I’d assume its because of the setting is medieval fantasy and firearms either don’t exist or aren’t prominently used?

@Samuel_H_Young so I’ve been finding Charisma really useful thus far but am kind of interested in what uses there will be with Resolve?



We’re back in business :smiley:


@Samuel_H_Young I’m not sure if this has been answered before and if it has, I apologize for the repetition. To what extent is the MC incapable of feeling positive emotions towards others? Are they simply extremely unlikely, highly muted, or just implssible?


Resolve has to do with bravado and mental toughness. Now that the story is coming along in chapters, there will start being regular stat checks and you’ll be able to see how the various stats are used.

Although the Charisma stat is an outlier because it’s also used for the extroverted romance options, all of the stats will generally be roughly equal in value.

There’s a FAQ in the original post.

If you meant why don’t the gaurds use swords:

You’re right that most of the main characters use different weapons. Cherihl uses multiple throwing daggers, Abella uses a crossbow, Devero uses a staff, and Garad uses a warhammer. This is just to help reflect their fighting styles and personalities and to add variety.

However, the MC has several options to choose from, one of which is a sword. Most of the other guards in the village use swords, too.


I noticed this, but when I chose the sword the game described it as a saber. Unless I’m mistaken.


I think you’re mistaken. :stuck_out_tongue:


Well my apologies then…


Or, maybe I did use the word saber. :thinking: It’s been a few months since I wrote that scene.

Still, sabers are just a different types of swords.


It just seemed odd to me, considering your game seems to be set in a middle ages European village, but the sword reffers to a saber which would diffently not be used. It’s your game and you can do what you want, but a medieval european village guard whould never use a saber.


Not sure if this is a problem, but after choosing the MC’s weapon the game says they are a wizard. Elsewhere in the text it describes them as a magician.

Is this because you’re a budding wizard,


Historically, the saber was oftentimes a cavalry weapon, however this is a magical fantasy world. Meaning that it doesn’t necessarily require any level of realism, giving the author an unlimited creative liberty.


I mean, I can just change one solitary word and then the problem is fixed, haha. When things like this occur, people assume I made some strange world building decision or made a plot hole, but in reality I just put saber instead of sword in one instance and forgot about it.

The MC is speculating whether their unusually high mana count is due to them being a budding wizard or due to something else. They aren’t saying they are a budding wizard.


So, I recently finished the show, Mindhunter, and I’m on Season 8 of Dexter. I’m also reading Serial Killers: The Method and Madness of Monsters, so all of that should give me a lot of insight as I write MMM. :+1:


the dexter book is funny because in the end, we learn that he was possessed by a demon rather than being a real psycho , which would work well with what the mother said about the MC’s father (like the father was also possessed like Dexter is or something)

i also didn’t like the end of the dexter show


We don’t talk about that. We just ignore and pretend that Dexter kills everyone in the end. At least that’s how it is for me.


Bruh, no spoilers!


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didn’t the spoiler blur thing work ? i don’t really know how to use the forum feature yet so i’m not sure of what works and what doesn’t