Mass Mother Murderer [8/14 Chapters, 106k words]




Chapter 6 is now on the demo. It amounted to 13k, which brings to the total word-count of the demo to 84k and the playthrough length to 37k. This is the first chapter where you can kiss the ROs. As always, comments, feedback, typo spotting, and bug spotting are much appreciated. I hope you enjoy!


I’m not exactly sure why but I really enjoy playing a character that has high intelligence and charisma. Having a serial killer rely on brute strength doesn’t seem to be appealing to me but I suppose I enjoy breaking people mentally to the point that they break down crying. Jeez, I really do have a dark side.

Brilliant work, Sam. Keep it up!


Hi, it’s me, yah boi, RitaDeservedBetter76 here with a few corrections.

“Lore more” should be lot more.

Uh, I’m sure this one is pretty self explanatory.


I picked Abella (cuz Goth Gf) and this line came up instead of Garad going with the rookie guard.

Loving the game Man! Can’t wait for the rest.


Rita did deserve better. :cry::cry::cry:

Thanks! All of those errors are fixed now.


i think I got creative with my MCs name.
Eden: pretty face but the soil is full of deception.




Lmao :joy: I got some funny ass meme reactions from that.

Ulterior motives, my friends, ulterior motives.


It would hilariously ironic if this entire time Edina was working on her own plan to kill us while we were working on our own plan to kill her. The mutual hatred is strong in this family.:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


T-that…that would b-be really stupid!


Excellent! Then the MC can spin her death as self defense! People will feel bad for them and it gets rid of all the leg work of disposing of the body and the following cover up. Less effort overall.


Yay!! Time to read like crazy :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:!

I love treating Abella like a Pokémon
pikachu Abella I choose you!”


I’m only repeating what has been said countless times, but the speed at which you write, Samuel, is extraordinary.

Not much else to say, except I absolutely loved the update and the moment we get to share with the RO (is it even right to call them ROs? They’re more like ‘manipulate and use options’ rather than ‘romance options’, lol).

Another thing that I thought I need to mention is that this line: “Well, it turns out all of that sappy bullshit worked wonders, despite her normally curt demeanor.” made me laugh so hard for some reason. I love how right after that particularly sweet (or, otherwise would be) moment, this is the thought that pops in our mind. You never let us forget the truly demented character we’re supposed to be playing, even for a while.


So I just finished chapter 6 and damn what a cliffhanger

and I'm just going to post this here


In chapter 6.

The archer frowns, looking thoroughly unamused. “I’d say you’re about a qaurter right,” she grumbles.


You know there’s been an outbreak fo the feline flu recently, right?



I seem to have beaten you to it


In chapter 6.
Spelling error in the choice:

You’re already sexy and shirtless, and now I find out your kinky, too?"



Should be “we’re going to the infirmary”.


I’m starting to see a pattern with your games. There’s always at least one bald person in them. Is this intentionally done!!?


Not necesarrily, it just happens that way. Part of that is because Oztiax and Cherihl are half-goblins, who never have hair.


I, on the other hand, notice that this MC is the exact opposite of the MC of your other game (the released one), he is pretty much at the top of the game and probably the most dangerous (and one of the most competent) character in the story while the other MC is none of that, despite being the one possessed by an actual demon (which is quite funny TBH)