Mass Mother Murderer [8/14 Chapters, 106k words]



When do you think we will get a romance scene because I’m dying inside thinking about Abella!


I love how evil the MC i really do. lol


The most evil villain in all of Choice of Games, right? :wink:

Here’s the general outline that I have for the remaining chapters.

  • Chapter 6: Do midnight stake-out with Abella, Garad, Cherihl, or Devero to try to catch the kidnapper in the act.
  • Chapter 7: After stake-out, when everyone has gone home, you go and put Werner into a cart and cover him with hay. Then, you take him to an abandoned mine to play cat and mouse with him before finally murdering him. When you get home, you construct a super villain mask :japanese_goblin: so that you can use it when abducting your next victim, as you’ll have to use overt violence next time.
  • Chapter 8: Next morning, Stefen pounds on your door and then attacks you because he’s distraught that Margo still hasn’t been found. You beat the shit out of him, so Garad punishes you by forcing you to stay home for the day. While at home, you have a flashback about Efastia, and then in the afternoon, Edina comes over to your house to celebrate her 35th birthday.
  • Chapter 9: Later that evening, you can ask RO to be your girlfriend/boyfriend, and then choose between a variety of dates to take them out on.
  • Chapter 10: After your date, you go to a field in the middle of the night, where you know that your next victim, Joy, is trying to practice magic (she has very minor mind-reading that she can’t control, and otherwise isn’t able to use spells.) You kidnap her and then take her back to your basement to torture her.
  • Chapter 11: Next morning, Garad calls meeting to compile information and strategize. That night, you can have a crazy sex scene with your boyfriend/girlfriend.
  • Chapter 12: Later that night, someone reports Joy missing. Garad flies into rage and gathers all guards and the mayor. He makes plan to have mandatory, village-wide house-searches for anyone who isn’t a guard or official. You take advantage of this by trying to plant evidence in Kat’s, Mercier’s, or Kel’s house in the middle of the night.
  • Chapter 13: The next day, your team and dozens of other guards forcefully search houses of citizens throughout the village, trying to find any of the three kidnap victims.
  • Chapters 14 and 15: The next day, disaster strikes for the MC. Plot moves at breakneck speed as the MC tries to finish what they started.


My MC will be like



@Samuel_H_Young is she really that desperate ?


Isn’t she the mom though? I’d assumed that she would be a bit older than that seeing how the MC is like 18 or so. But it wouldn’t be too far fetched since she’d probably be at least 17 when she gave birth to the MC.


She was 16 when she had the MC.

That meme :joy:


Huh well I can’t wait to ruin her birthday by kidnapping her. She got it coming anyway


You got about 10 more chapters til you can kill or even truly confront Edina. :stuck_out_tongue:


Would be something like this if we try to confront her early ? (For an MC with phantom magic who can summon a spectre)

MC: Tries to scare Edina with a spectre and failes






Lmao :joy: basically.


This is everything I need.


Why Garad wouldn’t search houses of officials and guard? If he decided that killer could be anyone, it would be only logical to search everyone. Officials should be interested to catch the killer too, so they shouldn’t be against search, also it would anger simple villagers. I think.


Politics, unfortunately. :confused: The mayor denies him that and limits him to only regular citizens.


I’m actually glad lil sis died, because girl didn’t deserve this family, both the mc and the mother are shitty person’s, I just imagine the power struggle between the Mc and the mother for her affections (the mc only found this to control her and hurt upset the mother), also it may be a little nitpicking, but when the Mc thinks about Devero the text mentions their face becoming bright red which kinda breaks the immersion since I always imagine my mcs with really dark skin and flush wouldn’t be noticeable( this happens quite a lot in cg games with their mentions of blushing pink , kinda makes my think the of being default white, not intentionally) sorry again if it seems like nitpicking


True. :frowning:

I’ve actually thought about that before. I suppose I could consider adding skin color choices.

Also, I’m working in the box office today and it’s hella slow. I always try to take advantage of this by bringing my notebook with me. So far I’ve already written 1,500 words of kissy scenes with the ROs while at work. :blush:


Do you ever stop? I wish I had your drive, I’ve got a story in my head for like 3 years and have never ever written not even one world


Not really. :stuck_out_tongue:

Writing is tough. I generally have to write like 100 words, take a short break, and repeat.



To be fair, that cat will probably give you bad luck. Also, just out of curiosity, what kind of masks can we make?


So far I have three choices planned: Edina’s face, a mysterious mask, and a monstrous mask.