Mass Mother Murderer [8/14 Chapters, 106k words]



No I am not.
A psychopath is a person with a variant brain structure. He or she has the amygdala, the part which processes emotions, 18% smaller than a neurotypical. Said person has a variety of emotions muted and therefore does not feel them. A psychopath is NOT a killer or an insane person. Psychopathy is not a disease or mental disorder.
A sociopath is a person who, because of abuse during childhood, triggers a type of defense mechanism which mutes various emotions. A sociopath and a psychopath both can’t feel chemical love, empathy, bonding, fear, depression, etc…
Psychopaths are not prone to violence; there are however some psychopaths who are called “low functioning” because they tend to rely on impulsive behavior.
Both psychopaths and sociopaths are, as you said, canny and clever.
I know a few friends who happen to psychopaths and one friend who is a sociopath.
I am using empirical data, not basing myself on TV tropes or any other type of tropes for that matter.
Not trying to be a dick lol


That’s what I said to social services when asked if I would kill my mother given the chance


Sociopaths and Psychopaths are ridiculously confusing, they’re both in the same category of mental disorder called anti-social personality disorder and from what I remember reading you can be born with either one biologically or get them later in life. You’re just more likely to become a sociopath because becoming a psychopath generally involves physically damaging your brain. The one line I remember reading specifically (I had a research project on this at school and had to look up a stupid amount of info.) was that sociopaths had a very scewed moral compass whereas psycopaths have no moral compass at all.

Anyway, this has become a completely pointless tangent when all I meant to say was that this person could be medically considered either depending on your choices.


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This is certainly unorthodox, there have been ‘villainous’ protagonists before like in Diabolical and Fallen Hero but this is uncharted territory, at least for me, in taking on the role of a cold unrepentant psychopath. I almost feel sorry for him/her but realize they were born this way, which makes their mentality all the more unsettling.

Yet I’m somehow rooting for them to succeed in their amoral enterprise, the writing is so engrossing that I feel carried away as if humming to a catchy new tune. Perhaps there is an irresistible allure for a common layperson as myself to be placed in the shoes of a psychopath, highly efficient at work, unfettered by external morality and the weight of human relationships (save for the mother), living as the sole center of the world as if everyone around you were asleep in the reality where you resided.

Such a state of unbound personal freedom feels criminally empowering, its as if the MC knows this is their story and isn’t obliged to help or care for the ‘lesser’ supporting characters who only exist as tools.

Nonetheless I confess to experiencing more than a modicum of inner turmoil upon reading the scene where Efastia begged for help but drowned. All my instincts wanted to save her from death, the thought of letting her die right in front of me when I could have helped was jarring.

For a moment I thought of redemption, of innate humanity and a natural bond. But when that moment passed I realized the terrible truth of the MC’s moral fabric. And yet I took it as a painful lesson in better understanding the kind of MC I played and became more immersed in their mindset. In that regard the flashback was a transformative ordeal: I’m not playing some tragic villain or misguided extremist but a genuine psychopath who can’t be unraveled at their core as a just another person.

Very interesting overall.


The MC is deranged. He isn’t a psychopath. The writer said that the MC is intimated by his mother. A psychopath can’t be intimidated. He can’t feel fear.


Psychopaths do feel fear. A recent research has proved this. They just have deficits assessing risks and threats, but are capable of feeling fear.


Um, no. He can’t. I have a friend who actually is a psychopath. She can’t feel fear.


@soprano is right. An example would be if, late at night in a bad neighbourhood, a scruffy, unarmed teenager tried to mug a psychopath, the psychopath would feel mildy intimidated, an ordinary person would feel apprehensive.


No.he wouldn’t. A person who can’t feel fear can’t be intimidated. Period. Of course the psychopath would be aware of the danger that the mugger poses. It’s cognitive, not emotional


Again with this psychopath discussion??

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The author has taken prior feedback into consideration and made a decision on how he wants to write. We should respect this and not keep pushing a view that isn’t accepted.

I know this is a subject that can evoke strong emotion but it is time to take a step back and respect the author’s decision, regarding his character development.



Uh, how did you literally spell out the innerworkings of my MC so flawlessly? :eyes:



MMM keeps ballooning in size. According to my current outline, it will consist of 16 chapters and approximately 300k words. And, more importantly –

Chapter 5 is now on the demo. It amounted to 16k, which brings to the total wordcount of the demo to 71k, and the play through length to 35k. This chapter is the darkest one yet, and a new main character is introduced: Werner.

As always, feedback, comments, typo spotting, and bug spotting are very much appreciated. I hope you enjoy!


Demo ended when MC finished interrogation and went at home to sleep. It is the end of chapter 4, right? Demo wasn’t updated or only I have this problem? :no_mouth:

Edited: cleared browser cache and seems this helped. Can read 5th chapter, yay!


I think it’s only you. Chapter 5 works fine for me.


This is giving me a Norman Bates vibe… I love it!


God damn those scenes in the bath were freaking awesome (:wink:you know the ones I’m speaking of) and it does not help me chose who I’m going to romance first, me being Pansexual doesn’t help either. Why do you always make them so enticing :yum:


Did Werner leave arrowhead on purpose? It would be interesting. I hope we get our portion of suspicion towards MC. My favourite trope. :sweat_smile:

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