Mass Mother Murderer [8/14 Chapters, 106k words]



Btw, everyone, my newest Hosted Game, The Magician’s Burden, just came out. It has a very different atmosphere and plot than MMM but it’s in the same world, and a couple of the characters are sociopaths so it might interest you.


I already played it , it was cool, the MC just felt a little underpowered compared to the rest of the cast while Violet seemed overpowered IMO, i don’t really have criticism about it beyond that so it’s pretty well done


Haha, that’s actually pretty accurate. :sweat_smile: Glad you liked it!

Also, this is another song that gets me in the mood for MMM. :fire::fire::fire::ok_hand:


When the Halloween 2018 theme comes out, I’ll be blaring it from my earbuds while enjoying this game. :ghost:


There’s a misconception here. He’s a sociopath, not a psychopath. I’m sorry to be a pain but you’re definition of both of them is completely distorted and wrong


An apt description of the protagonist, the mother, and every character in the game.

Except the sister.

I can rewrite this game to be infinitely more realistic as it stands now:

I never wanted to kill my mother some times I even drag her put of that musty shit stained shack she lives in and show success I rub it in her face. And I keep her alive so she knows I’m better than her I win. She is a loser . When she dies I won’t even attend the funeral.

See no serial killing needed for realism “yargh abuse made me evil” is pointless they need motivation especially if they are successful that’s why I petition we loved our sister and her death broke us we stopped believing in any sort of God and our mother’s accusations drove us over the edge
We LOVED Estafania and she dared say we murdered her? She was our everything if we grew up with her Maybe we’d be emotionally healthy but losing her drove us mad.

Instead of “lol let’s kill”


MC obviously didn’t love her since they left her to drown.


That’s my point there’s no reason for the game to Happen it’s more shallow and two dimensional than Trevor Philips.


To me, the MC seems to fit the behavior of a sociopathic person so it would be a bit of a stretch for someone like the MC to actually care about the sister.


Loving your sister and your mother blaming you causing you to fall into sociopathy could make for a very interesting different type of MC. I kinda like the idea, the result is still the same so you wouldn’t even have to change the story all that much.
However, that’s all it should be, the MC in this game is clearly mentally impaired and we should choose just how mentally impaired in my opinion.


Yeah but still you call the MC something that they aren’t. That’s what i meam


Being a serial killer after becoming a success is pointless from an pragmatic all thought no feeling perspective. Like I said you’ve already won.


But you haven’t killed your mother who has been your main antagonist through all these years. So, no you haven’t won.


Your mother lives in filth and squalor. Living is a punishment. Once she’s dead her suffering ends.


But you don’t get to inflict any of that pain or suffering, you don’t get to pay her back for all the years she’s tortured you.


I honestly don’t even hate the mother, especially with an MC like this. Let’s their sister die and laughs, then gets mad when mother blames them. She probably shouldn’t have abused them though, should’ve just killed them.


If you kill her your just releasing her of her agony. Hell if she loved your sister you’re giving her what she wants.


Huh, I found playing someone who have total mess in their head and abused by parent quite realistic. People can be cruel as hell because they are, look at some stories including domestic abuse. And compared to them MC have fine motivation to be such bastard.
Though I agree role play someone totally evil is quite hard, I always think that if MC had affections deep inside their black soul it would be more easy for me.


Why do you keep calling her Estafania?

I’m not going to reshape my entire story for your whims. Get over it.

You’re incorrect and that’s not an opinion.


Because it’s not easy to remember. And good luck with your game write what you know.