Mass Mother Murderer [4/15 Chapters, 55k words]



The way the plot is set up, the climax of the story will actually be really intense and fast-paced. After battling your mother, there will only be so much time to murder and torture her before the other antagonists arrive.


Will the MC have some sort of power/influence though? Like having corrupt guards on your side, or being a member of some assassin guild or something.
I mean Ramsay was the son of a noble house so he could do whatever he wanted but here it looks like you mostly work alone so you couldn’t murder people openly


I plan on the MC being a lone villain, though they will have legal and political power as the vice-captain of the guard. Not to mention they’ll be powerful in other ways as an enchanter and a skilled killer.


You’d need to be really charismatic to convince others to make you the vice captain o.o
By the way is the MC capable of feeling love? You said there are 6 ROs, but would you really love them or it will be in a more twisted way


Yeah, it’s rare to be vice-captain at 18, but it helps that you’re intelligent, capable, and a magic user.


That’s a bit sad actually, having no emotions and never really feeling love.
Also your goal is to kill your mother, and after you’ve done that what would you do? You’d feel empty.
Maybe you could raise your Compassion/Alturism stats and feel true love in the end?

Also about enchanting, I think types that can fit would be Shadow, Blood and maybe Necromancy?

Shadow enchanting would be about controlling shadows to make you invisible, make a clone of yourself, make illusions etc. The disadvantage is no offensive power.

Blood enchanting would be like Blood magic from DAO, allowing you to control someone’s blood and corrupt it, give them internal wounds, or even posses their body through the blood and make them your slaves. The disadvantage is that it’s a dangerous power that can easily kill you and make you vulnerable to demon possesion if you’re not careful.

And Necromancy is kinda obvious I guess


Well, you can still feel lots of emotions as I’ve portrayed in the demo. Jealousy, anger, excitement, fear, resentment, etc. Just not love or empathy. I actually just created the Callous and Avarice stats and set them at 100 to make a point. They’ll be sitting at 100 the whole game. :slight_smile:

Yeah, those are good ideas. I’m currently setting up the three power types and I’ll post them when I’m done to see what you all think.


But then that would mean that MC was a sociopath at their core right?


Yep! And Talyrion put it very well:

Basically, this will be a sad, gruesome, epic, exciting story of abuse and revenge, not love or redemption.


This will be the first game where having the choice to have a romance, I might choose not to have one.

One part of me is like “I should not do any RO route or I’ll probably get attached to them and knowing the MC personality I would feel bad for making them fall in love with me, using and tricking them” the other part is like “I’m playing as a character that cares almost for nothing so I, putting myself in the place of the MC, would probably have a RO just to use them and get advantages in various situations”.

@Samuel_H_Young You are making two parts of me fight each other to see wich one wins, I must say, you are really good. I’ll be waiting to see more of this game.


Well my murderer is going to be very charismatic so I’ll be damned if I’m not going for an RO. Otherwise I might agree with you.


Thanks, @Nazroth! That’s the big dilemma. :slight_smile: Plus, it doesn’t help that all of the 6 ROs are technically your enemies, since they’re officers of the law searching for a serial killer that happens to be you.


Playing as the MC I would do it in the case I got caught, so MC could manipulate RO to join their side, defend them and their words or put the blame on someone else by using the “bond” MC created, and a lot of lies plus some well placed manipulative words and phrases mixed with some truth.


Have you planned the ro’s yet ?


I’m still making outlines for them. All I have right now is that one is a half-goblin, one is a fellow enchanter, and one is the guard captain.

Hmm…though I’m thinking I’m gonna lower the number of ROs to 4. The Magician’s Burden series will have 8 but that’s because it’ll be like 1 million words long. The Enchanter’s Misery has 6 but that series will be like 750k. MMM will be more like 250k so I think 4 ROs makes sense.


For once, I might actually not want to romance someone. Who would want to figure at my deepest darkest secrets :smiling_imp:?


Okay, I just finished the outlines for all 9 major characters. The 4 ROs are:

Garad: 35 year old guard captain. Dark skin, beard, muscular and tall, wields warhammer. Is aggressive and blunt but is deeply concerned with justice.

Abella: 27 year old archer. Very quick, with thin, tall, and toned body. Orange hair, freckles, pale skin. Has a stoic demeanor.

Cherihl: an 18 year old half-goblin. She is charismatic and sneaky. Muscular, short, and wields several daggers.

Devero: a 19 year old enchanter (light magic.) He wields a spear, but prefers non-violence. Medium height, thin, white blonde hair. He is nice, talkative, and compassionate.


Want to go with Devero. For the irony. Ha.


Like all of them, but Cherihl is my favorite.


So what is a half goblin supposed to look like?