Mass Mother Murderer [4/15 Chapters, 55k words]



Or they can proved to be just as crazy, if not more , as the MC


How about a mask made off skins of the victims!! :crazy_face:

It’d also be sorta like a homage to Leatherface and LeatherJack from ZE: SH.


LoL I think this was meant for this :point_down:

This but for some reason it’s showing ArchangelVoldemort’s pro pic


oh yeah, I think I was trying to quote something from that post but accidentally replied to it.


Will the MC be strong or you’d be helpless at the start of the game?


Yeah, the most evil villain in all of CoG history is gonna be helpless. :wink:


Can you kill your mother? Maybe poison her or stab her in her sleep
Also why is there an Estafia relationship stat if she’s dead?


Guess being dead doesn’t always stop people. :wink:


Time to have some :smiling_imp: can’t see more.


Finally wips that let me play an evil character… I swear im a good person


Efastia will still be a character in several flashbacks. And the MC’s goal is to kill their mother.


The teaser has now been extended a bit, bringing it to 3k. Let me know what you think!


So seeing how we can be a serial killer with the main goal of killing the mother. Two questions.

1.) Just how extreme we can be when it comes to killing a victim?

2.) Is there an opportunity to skin the mother and do something with it like Ed Gein? Cause she pretty much deserves it by far from what I’ve read.


How about serenading her precious non-vital organs and making a lavish meal and eat 'em in front of her? :crazy_face:


I won’t go into excruciating detail with the murders, but they’ll still be fairly detailed, and there will of course be choices for how to commit them.

Yeah, there will likely be some choices to mutilate her or do some nasty shit like that.


Yay for catharsis via (really) unhealthy coping mechanisms!

Also, will you be implementing a fail state of sorts? Dead ends? Or will you give us extended choices that can emerge from failures to rectify them to a degree? I’m really curious with your game design.



I plan on using the same sort of game design as I used in The Magician’s Burden and The Enchanter’s Misery. Passing stat checks will be more satisfying and give you stat increases. Failing them would hurt your stats but wouldn’t kill you or anything, at least not until the climax. I’ll have to see as I get further along in the story.


say whaaaaaat? he sounds important.


Technically he still is :stuck_out_tongue: idk, maybe I’ll put him in but we’ll have to see.


Would the guards catch you and try to arrest you later on?


The guards will be the antagonists of the story. :slight_smile: