Mass Mother Murderer [4/15 Chapters, 55k words]



I was already checking on this thread when you commented, haha.

Yeah, the unfortunate thing about writing is that it takes months or years to create a full story. :slight_smile:


Will the game only take place in a certain area or will the mc travel to other places ?


At least as far as I’ve planned up to this point, it will only take place in one village.


I’m already curious for this book so I shall wait even for a year. Just gotta see a reminder when it’s done since I’m gonna forget. Hey could you put a guy named Patrick in it? I’d like to input a certain character but just seeing this name will make more worth the rate.


Just name your character Patrick, then. :stuck_out_tongue: Naming a non-player character that would sound silly in a medieval fantasy world.


O’Connel is not a silly name is it? I actually just want my character (no need for Patrick in specifics) to be in it. Like a guy in red who is kinda to really insane. Maybe make it like a character who is gonna be helping (or hurting) the MC?


Well…I don’t just take requests or demands for characters. I write my own stories and if people give particularly good feedback, I might implement some of those ideas in.


Sorry I’m actually mostly talking to myself😋


Although I’d like to see that Red Jester if you do put it in. Just saying.


Well I don’t plan on it.


Just out of personal curiosity: are we going to fight the dad? The mom sounds possesed or something


Wow! This concept is something I need. I’ve always been interested in serial killers and crime shows probably not as accurate as IRL stuff but who really cares so this is definitely something I’ll look forward to.

Though my favorite types of serial killers are the delusional ones and angel of mercy ones, being a full on sociopath will definitely be fun!


Woah, you’ve got a pretty good work so far and I liked it. Anxious for the next update and how the story will progress. I admit that irl I find serial killers disgusting and condemn their actions, but at the same time find stories and their psychology​ very interesting.


At least right now, I don’t plan for MC’s father to be a character at all.


Is the MC capable of love?


That’s already answered above (the answer is no).


20 motherhecking characters


Well… I do like getting revenge and LIs!


Will we be able to completely seduce/brainwash someone to be our goon? Kinda like Harley Quinn is for the Joker?


I plan on the MC being a lone villain. Letting others in on your schemes is too risky, and most people wouldn’t understand your motivations.