Mass Mother Murderer [4/15 Chapters, 55k words]




Obviously, you can’t just use your telepathy on Kel right after you used it on Mercier; that would be far too suspicous.



“It’s strange to have a creation out there, a deeply mutated version of yourself running loose and screwing everything up. I wonder if this is how parents feel.”

God damnit, I love Dexter.


Damnit…is it even possible to break the piro maniac??? So who is our next target???


And Kel is actually the toughest one to get anything out of. :slight_smile:


When killing Margo, in the option: “You’ll release her from her chains and let her go, only to paralyze her and kill her…”

She lets out a gasp of relied



Is it bad that I have imagined this scene exactly like this?




Yep, I’m back, unfortunately.

And you know what that means. Save your tomatoes for the end…

The white sphere in the lightless, abandoned sky practically illuminates the leather-clad burglar amidst the back deck of the small house. She stares at what spawned the natural spotlight on her for a long moment, then at the dead, pointy, leafless tree that rests atop a small hill seemingly just below it.

The man sitting just a few feet behind her in a chair placed against the house breaks her from her reverie, his low, serious voice booming through the black of night into her ears in a perfect no-nonsense tone.

“I’ll only ask one more time. Is Margo still alive?”

Tears stream down the almost-feline female’s face.

“No,” she finally shoots back, but hesitantly.

The man behind her, therefore unsatisfied in his received answer, slowly rises from the creaky wooden chair. The woman can hear his boots pace side to side along the deck, her mind reeling about what he’ll do next.

After a few fear-filled, lingering seconds, she finally works up the will to beg for her sinful life.

“You don’t have to kill me,” she begins, suddenly on the verge of sobbing but never daring to turn and face her potential assailant. “I can help you catch him and avenge Ma-”

“Avenging her doesn’t bring her back! Everyone thinks I’M the Angelmaker! Her fucking killer!” The man interrupts, his voice thunder in the silent dead of night.

Then, those boots beat towards her on the deck.

The woman quickly turns in panic, raising her arms and preparing to scream, but the man already has one hand clamped forcefully over her mouth and the other squeezing her right wrist hard.

“You’re joining her,” the man menacingly growls, his eyes now as soulless as the starless sky above.

Before the burglar can even begin to quell her fear, two gloved hands yank her attacker back. He is spun and thrown like a child back into the dimly lit house, crashing into the floor inside and tumbling uncontrollably. All the woman can see is a black cape and matching hood march in after him, shoulders rising and falling like a clearly enraged man.

That explains the heavy breathing.

The cloaked figure slams the back door shut without so much as a glance behind him after entering the house. The woman can only listen now as fate takes precedence.

She hears what sounds like a booted punt, followed by a pained scream, then several loud and desperate curses. After, there’s a set of sizable crashes, glass breaking, and shelves falling. Then comes a few audible, strained gurgles that seem attempted speak, perceding with an explosion of wood that must be the doomed man being put through the fireside table. Finally, the woman’s auditory senses are assaulted with what can only be flesh ripping and blood-curdled half-screams.

Then, silence.

The door doesn’t open again, the wind doesn’t blow, the crickets don’t stop, and the moonlight never fades.

Kat simply stands on the deck alone, comtemplating her recent decisions that have led to this.

This carnage.

But sometimes you make a deal with the devil to not die by his hand.

Perhaps this was her mental justification.

Perhaps this is what will bring her end.

Or even the town’s.

The cat shivers.

Goodbye, Mercier.


Well fuck me, that was amazing :sob::sob::sob:

So, I ended up having to delete the “*sm_init mygame | 3” code from all my demos because it makes it impossible for me to pass quicktest. :confused: Does anyone know how to get around this? I want to have savegames in my demos, but not if it means I can’t pass quicktest.


How about put the *sm_init mygame | 3 temporarily in *comment? It’s work for me that way. (Still got to erase the *comment for it to work in dashingdon though.)


Good idea! Thanks.


Nope, not letting this lil gem go 8 days under :hugs:


I definitely understand what your talking about. When I played Fallen Hero:Rebirth, there was many Moral choices…Yet I don’t think they will be implied due to the author wanting to stand out, by means of having the played character be the evilest of ALL choice of games.


Hmmmmm…he might be on to something :thinking:


Great reference! Now that I think about it, a game with the same premise as dexter would be pretty cool.
would you agree?


That would be very cool. I’m on S5 of Dexter and loving it.

Although there are lots of similarities between this MC and Dexter, they’re also very different. It seems like Dexter is a really loveable sociopath who obviously has some level of conscience and ability to care for certain others.

In my opinion, he’s actually doing a noble thing by killing serial killers, murderers, and rapists, kind of like Kira from Death Note but just in a more grisly and less massive scale. The MC in MMM, on the other hand, is just a ruthless psychopath who will do anything to anyone and is only killing people in order to get revenge on Edina.


Yup Dexter is more of an anti-hero while our MC is straight up villain


Even though I never watched Dexter and read from Wikipedia admittedly, it should be pointed out that unlike our MC, Dexter was also surrounded with a compassionate family and was steered by his step father to target criminals, in an attempt to curb his urges if you will.


MC also has the captain, Cherihl and Devero. Last one being a literal care-bear, who care for us


Oh, for sure. That was an influence on Dexter that can’t be understated, and he would have undoubtedly ended up like most other sloppy, indiscriminate killers without Harry’s guidance.

Still, as the series goes on and he discovers his past, you can slowly start to see his conscience grow and his care for a few certain others grow, too. He’s not like a regular person by any means, but he’s leagues different from the MC in that regard. :slight_smile:


Don’t tell me you have second thoughts on having our MC have at least one redeeming quality?