Mass Mother Murderer [4/15 Chapters, 55k words]



The Avarice and Callous stats will permanently stay at 100% to emphasize a point.

Yes, most likely.


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A new update! Let me put on my serial killer glasses, quick!

Loved the update, the game is only getting darker as it progresses. Margo’s death actually made me wince, I know we’re supposed to be playing a demented character but that poor lady, we made her suffer so much. Also, I have managed to charm all four of Abella, Garad, Devero and Cherihl off their feet and even though the interrogations didn’t go as I expected, all of them seem to trust me so far. That reminds me though, is there a way to actually push the suspicion on one of the suspects by making them confess something (if you don’t mind answering that)? I tried a few times with different approaches and it never worked out.

Also, found one typo:

I may not be as oble as you think, but coming from you, that means a lot.


Looking forward to more, this is most certainly one of my favorite WiPs as of now!


Thanks, Soprano. I’m glad you’re enjoying it so much.

Yeah, Margo is probably one of the most innocent characters in the story, even compared to Devero and Efastia.

None of the interrogations can lead to anything more than the investigators becoming slightly more suspicious of Kel/Mercier/Kat. Later on, though, I do plan on letting you try to frame at least one of them.


Thanks, I did manage to make Mercier seem a little more suspicious, but it didn’t seem enough so I was wondering what I did wrong, lol. Mercier doesn’t seem that bad of a guy, but I’m definitely going to try and frame Kel - he is one crazy dude.

The pleasure is mine, all the best for future progress!


Hey Man, little suggestion. How about a save feature since you keep updating and we keep having to play through the same chapters over and over again to get to it.


Dashingdon has a feature like that, so I’ll see about implementing it tonight. It hasn’t worked the previous times I tried to use it, though.


All you need to do is go to the dashingdon page, choose “edit details” and enable use of CJW’s smPluginMenuAddon.

Then put this bit of code at the end of your startup page: *sm_init mygame | 3

and you’re done!


Hey, everyone, you can now save your game’s progress!


When you glance over at Abella, she’s shaking his head and frowning, looking as if she’s thinking hard to figure out what the hell just happened. With a puff of air, she gives you a perplexed look and says, “What the hell just happened?”



Did you just get cat fished?


Abella had an instantaneous magical sex change into a man and then an instantaneous magical sex change back into a women within the span of one second. I’m kind of surprised you didn’t see this coming.


I like here even more now, she isn’t a 1D righteous to a fault bitch, she’s devious and pulled one over on me! Hah! thou shall rue this Abe!


Some grammar mistakes and minor typo’s. Nothing to lose sleep over, you write beautifully, @Samuel_H_Young. The story is getting better in my opinion, especially the interrogations scene, I couldn’t shake off the feeling that the three criminals suspected it was the M.C…


Thanks for pointing out all those typos! I’ll fix them tonight. I’m glad you’re enjoying the story more and more.




For the most part, your patrol is completely uneventful. guards making their rounds through the streets usually has an effect in and of itself,

Capitalise the bolded word.


By the way, were you ever able to play the demo? I’m guessing the errors you saw were caused by me updating the files while you were trying to play.


yeah i played the chapter.sorry for not saying sooner


Jumping from Winter of the Bovine to this was a little bit surprising! Still, I absolutely adored the chance to be the manipulative bitch I’ve always wanted to be! :laughing:
Also, I had no idea you had other books?? Excuse me while I go read them and probably gush over how good they are :grin:


WotB and MMM are definitely polar opposite in terms of MCs.

Hehe, yay.