Mass Mother Murderer [4/15 Chapters, 55k words]



For sure. I read up on medieval serial killers a bit, and not much is documented, though a few of them were attributed to werewolves, like you said, and also witches and demons.

Incidentally, the MC is a magician wielding black magic. :slight_smile:

Exactly. That’s some warped morality if I ever some some, but it shows that he did at least care about certain people in his life.

Thank you! And I definitely take

as a big compliment, haha.


Ughhh, wtf is wrong with me? So in Chapter 4, you and the others interrogate Kat, a burglar; Mercier, Margo’s ex-boyfriend; and Kel, a serial arsonist, to see if any of them look like they might be the kidnapper. Garad supervises, Cherihl interrogates Kel, Devero interrogates Mercier, Abella interrogates Kat, and the MC participates in all three interrogations.

The problem is, I keep having complete brain farts, and I end up writing various passages as if Devero was there when it’s supposed to be Cherihl or Abella. So I keep having to just delete it and go back and write it again. -_-


It is all right with you, more Devero is only a good thing. :grin:






7, you’d have 7 pies


Hey, everyone, I just noticed that we’re at 187 likes on this thread, which is crazy to me since I’ve never had anything like that level of interaction and interest in my WIPs before. I’m a couple days away from being done with Chapter 4, so when we get to 200+ likes, I’ll post this next major update.



Chapter 4 is now on the demo. It amounted to 18k, which brings to the total wordcount of the demo to 54k words and the playthrough length to 28k words. One character is murdered, and three more are introduced: Kel, Kat, and Mercier.

This chapter is not polished or proofread whatsoever, so typo spotting/bug spotting/feedback/comments are especially appreciated, but don’t bite my head off or act like I’m stupid if I missed something or if there’s something that seems rushed or strange to you.

I hope you enjoy!


ive been tryying to play it but whenever i try to get past chapter one it wont let me


You’ll have to upload a screenshot so the author can figure out the problem.


Is some text missing in this paragraph?

Also wanted to say, that I love stats mechanics in your games, @Samuel_H_Young, that every our action have some impact on MC’s personality and skills.


Yeah, I got that one too.


There’s supposed to be text there based off of an *if statement but I must have missed something. I’ll fix that later.

Thanks! I always try to make each choice matter, if even in just a small way.




As the two of your exit the guardhouse and begin to walk down the dusty path, he gives you a mischeivous sort of smile


or even just a bit of information that could further case.

Further the case


Will there be ways to decrease our evil stat is it just like that for show


Could we plant evidence to incriminate others in the murderes as that would seem like something that a sociopath would do


Nah man. We are permantely pure evil.



inching the bridge of this nose and squeezing his eyes shut,


Abella stays silent, lookin grim,