Mass Mother Murderer [4/15 Chapters, 55k words]



If it means anything, I’m okay with continuing this conversation for just a bit longer, especially since I’d like to defend the WIP’s pride. :slight_smile:


I guess people’s interpretation are different, because the way I read it when I did, is that while we are the MC we are definitely not supposed to agree with their actions.

It’s partially a deconstruction of player morality when you think about it. Most games the player’s actions are almost constantly portrayed as good and pure and the best thing to happen to everyone around them even when it’s clearly not the case.

Player based morality where no matter how reprehensible the actions are, there’s always some way to justify them. That no matter what a main character does it can’t really ever be wrong . At it’s core, this is actually just a really intense breaking apart of that concept.

But yeah. That’s just my thoughts.


Your clearly a very talented writer and i wis b you the best of luck in the this novel as its premise is very promising but I always play as the angel-type as reading books where evil always seems to make me feel bad.


I have to ask, is the MC a victim, or an abuser? I enjoy your tale because I want a more clear understanding of the MC’s mind and priorities, and how much of that is change by the player, questions, like, “Why can’t we just kill our mother in the beginning?”, are answered through the Doyle’s point, there wouldn’t be game without it, my question is, “What will we do after killing our mother?”, the MC’s mom, despite hating her, is the only motive the MC seems to have, I’m curious on how you handle that, and that’s why I like this.


I’ve added a FAQ section to the original post. I’ll be expanding it as time goes on and more FAQs crop up.


Thank you, for your response, it has been, enlightening.


Exquisite. However, please care to correct the following error:


Am i the only one who just find the MC and the supporting characters charismatic enough to follow ? and just has fun playing a psycho ? because you’re all going way deeper than me when it come to interpretation and stuff, like the whole ‘disagree with what the MC is doing’ and the morality thing, i personaly adopt the morality of the MC as i play, so i can be fully into the story, i though that it’s what everyone usualy does to get into a story XD


Me: writing during my shift at the box office
Customer: glances down at my sheet of paper. Sees “Mass Mother Murderer.” O_____o


Search up
Mother’s Day cake cyanide and happiness

And I think it will relate to this topic…


That is literally something the MC would do. :joy:

Actually, it’s interesting because one of the choices in Chapter 2 was for the MC to trick Margo into letting her guard down by saying that they wanted a cake to give to their mother as an apology. They got this idea because poisoning a cake or something like that was something they likely tried to do as a child, but unfortunately for them, Edina was too smart, kinda like the mother in this video.


Gotta ask, why does Edina allow the MC to do anything around her, is she off-her-rocker too?

If I had a spawn trying to kill me, and with a high social standing, I would blackmail them away from me.



Good question. She underestimated the MC, and when they suddenly became the vice-captain of the guard almost out of the blue, it was already too late for her to do anything. As vicious and cunning as Edina can be, she doesn’t have any sort of social standing or power like the MC, who is by far the most powerful person in the village, everything considered.

I’d elaborate a bit on why she hasn’t done anything to escape the MC’s inevitable wrath, but I don’t wanna spoil anything, :wink:




Just wait until it hits 6669. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)


Good thing our minds never enter the gutter, huh? :innocent:


lol, I did do my research, and I’m correct.


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I would rather say that “guard down around you” makes more sense


I think they mean “your face devoid of emotion” rather than “you face devoid of emotion.” :slight_smile: