Mass Mother Murderer [4/15 Chapters, 55k words]



Wow, I actually played the demo and ohmygosh. Also, sorry in advance if I bring up anything that’s previously been said in this thread, I’ve mostly skimmed through it.

I’m always a bit put off when a choice game tells the game how the MC feels, especially if no “emotional check” has been done and their feelings don’t match what I have in mind (which makes it difficulty for me to stay with the character I’m roleplaying). But in this case, I don’t mind it. Like seriously. I feel like the MC isn’t really made to be relatable in the first place. Maybe their circumstances are, but not their way of thinking and acting. Not to this extent anyway.

What really gets to me though is all the childhood history we’ve seen so far. It does explain why the MC is so emotionally cut off to other people. I mean, most psychopaths are, but there’s often degrees to that. But with the sort of trauma the MC went through, you can understand why. I would, however, like there to be some kind of “redemption” ending, in which the MC can mend old wounds, preferrably through contact with another human being, and get some closure. I’m not talking about the MC magically being able to relate to people, but for them to be able to confide in another person and actually trust them. :see_no_evil: :heart:


I agree that an hopefull ending would be cool, too many game fall in the trap of going full ‘gloom and doom’ when they are talking about a dark subject


I don’t share your position because personally, the scenario did not impress upon me any such emotions, I can connect to the player character as if they were any other protagonist, at least for the time being. Of course, I am aware of the author’s decision to create a uniquely evil character and usually, I dislike being forced into preset roles, but it is rare that I come across an opportunity to lead dark characters in Choice of Games’ stories, thus this narrative somewhat aroused my intrigue. I always found the characters perceived as evil to carry a more engaging plot, conceivably because they escape the boundaries of normativity, and what is commonly thought to be everyone’s duty. Fantasy enables the potential incorporation of unrealistic or impossible variables, such as a fictitious ability, while I am also interested in other abnormalities, despite that I am either the tailor and shaper of all reality, or the one assuming a role of a being within such a reality - how could one derive joy from the exploration of what they designed and already fully understood? Such is the curse of omniscience, I suppose. I think that morality can definitely vary between different works and the universes in which said storylines play out, depending on the founding principles of these ethics present in societies; however most invented worlds seem to be made in the likeness of our own, in one way or another, with varying intensity, when I strive for absolute separation of certain aspects of my own productions from any traces of influence. Notwithstanding, all of my worlds resemble a modified and expanded upon agglomeration of not only my own concepts but also rather others’ ideas, which came to my liking, with a transmogrified version of reality as a foundation to it all. Moreover, I feel that should I transform my creations into vessels indistinguishable from their primordial shape, devoid of even a hint of any other sources, they would cease to be enjoyable to me, so, therefore, there are limits to my desires of originality, or perhaps it is but a mirage borne of the fact no author’s works are capable of reflecting my own emotions and preferences.


u wut

20 characters


This is a very strong start so far, @Samuel_H_Young! :grinning: I’m only a bit through Chapter 1 at this point but I’m already intrigued by the writing style and premise (that line about watching your sister drown = :ok_hand:). I am wondering if you’ll be killing multiple mothers throughout the game, hence the “mass” and the “serial” bits? Also, I did notice this when playing as a female who only wants sex in life (no judging!):

It feels a little strange for a woman to crave the wet and heat of being inside someone else, but hey, maybe I’ve been missing something in life…


seems like the female MC know some VERY interesting spell XD


I mean… half-goblins… :flushed:


Whoops, I forgot to add some *if statements to that choice. I’ll do that later tonight.

I’m glad you’re enjoying the story. If you get a chance to read further on, some of your questions will be answered.


Y’know, I just realized that most of your romancable female ros are pretty unconventional in terms of beauty! I think thats pretty neato and kinda rare to see in media.


Thanks! I’m glad you appreciate that. For anyone interested, here are some basic descriptions of the females ROs I’ve currently written, so you can get an idea of what @BoisterousBumblebee is referring to . (There will be several more ROs in my various stories, but later on in each series.)

The Magician’s Burden:

Violet - 18 years old.

Mabelin - 29 years old. mabelin

The Enchanter’s Misery:
Blihja - a specter that’s hundreds of years old. She has a tall, toned body and she’s hella curvy. Her skin is light purple, her hair is styled back in spikes, and she would have a pretty face, if not for the fact that her mouth is sewn back to make her have a permanent evil grin and her eyelids are sewn back to keep her eyes open in a scary expression at all times.

Zendi - An 18 year old woman with light brown skin. She is thin and styles her hair in pigtails.

Envy - A 21 year old woman with pale skin and dirty blonde hair. She has a thin but toned body, piercing blue eyes, and is missing a front tooth.

Mass Mother Murderer:

Abella: a 27 year old woman with pale skin, lots of freckles, and bushy, vibrant red hair. She is tall and has a lean but toned build.

Cherihl: An 18 year old half-goblin. She has light green skin, and her nails and teeth are sharper than regular humans. She is short and muscular.


I understand we’re playing someone who is mentally disturbed or what have you, but for me personally, I think it would be interesting to have someone that you are in some way able to feel some level of positive feeling for. Kind of like how Dexter Morgan has positive emotion for Debra Morgan if that makes sense?


The MC can still feel sexual attraction towards an RO, and they can still find an RO interesting, so I suppose those things count as positive.


Dexter is clearly less psychopathic than the MC.


I haven’t watched Dexter, but since he seems to mostly target killers and since he apparently cares about someone, it sounds like he’s a sociopath.

Also, I really need to watch Dexter.


Dexter would actually qualify as a schizoid personality type in terms of the show. In later seasons, he has vivid hallucinations of his adoptive father who basically encourages him to kill and stay out of trouble. Harry is always right in the show, but he’s also a guy who told Dexter to drive an axe into someone’s neck.

The books of Dexter can’t even be compared to his personality type on the show. He has much stronger classical psychopath traits in the book series. Part of it is also because, he’s possessed by a demon with insatiable bloodlust. And no. I’m not making that up.

I did like the books a fair bit better than the show though. In fact, those books are some of where I had the original inspiration for my oldest WIP.


This brings up an interesting thought: will we ever encounter another serial killer in this book? Obviously you shouldn’t pack it chalk full of psychopathic characters, but I think it’d be cool if we ran into another person with a beast inside.


Would be funny if the game end on a cliffhanger where you’re finaly going to go kill your mother…only to see her already dead in a weird modus operandi

and the sequel is basicaly tracking the fucker who stole your kill and putting all your crime on him before going back to social climbing

and since @Samuel_H_Young mentioned that the father would play a role in the sequel, he is the one who killed her or you recruit him for the case

yes i’m going way too far with my ramblings but it’s fun trying to predict where it will go


My mother just tried to commit suicide. I’m going to take a break from writing and the forum for a while.


@Samuel_H_Young Words cannot explain how shocked and sorry I am to hear that. I…I hope I don’t sound artificial right now…I just don’t know what to say.

Just please take to heart that I think I speak for everyone hear when I say that we hope everything sincerely goes okay, and she recovers. Your privacy will be respected, and please take as much time as you need. We’re here for you, not just your work.


I prefer to not say anything on that developement, i just don’t feel it’s my place to do so