Mass Mother Murderer [4/15 Chapters, 55k words]



I am exited for this game I love playing the villain!!!


Wow :open_mouth: 60 likes in like ten hours. You all are awesome.

Good point. I can change it so both deception and charisma are increased.


I grew up with physically and verbally abusive parents. I have good relationships with them now and they were nowhere near the level of crazy as Edina, but it should help the story that I’ve been through some shit.

Thanks! It seems there’s going to be a dedicated fanbase for this since this kind of story is incredibly rare in CoG. :slight_smile:

It will be one of those strange stories where the protagonist is the villain and the heroes are the antagonists. :slight_smile:

The MC will be careful about who they kill, but yes, they’re closer to Bundy.

Good guess, but not quite!

You’re most welcome!

It will be revealed throughout the story, but long story short, Efastia was a cute, good kid. She came from a father who left Edina after a one night stand. Edina hates the MC because they’re sociopathic and because they came from a father who use to beat her like it was a sport.

The MC’s motive will be revealed not too far in the story anyway, so I don’t mind letting you all know what it is now. Basically, your mother was incredibly abusive and undoubtedly made your sociopathic and psychopathic conditions even worse.

You want to kill her but are terrified of her psychologically. At 18, you’ll be a skilled enchanter who is more than capable of killing her but unable to do so because of mental and psychological blocks. So, you start to kidnap women (and even a man) and dress them up with wigs and some clothes that you stole from your mother. You then practice torturing and killing them while acting like they’re your mother, so you’ll finally have the courage to kill her yourself.


How would Charisma and Deceptive differ from each other? Im assuming Charisma would be using your charm to lure them to their untimely death, but wouldnt deceptive basically almost the same?


I am liking the protagonist.
I took the charisma choice and I could gauge how manipulating he is going to be so overall its going to be a fun game


Already hyped for an evil CoG protagonist. Playing as a serial killer is definitely an interesting concept, one that I look forward to seeing play out.


The MC is a sneaky and deceptive person overall, so many of the stats will accomplish the same goals in different ways. Charisma would be where you’re especially good at knowing when you’re supposed to laugh, and you’re able to pretend to be funny/cute/nice to get people to like you.

Deception will mostly be rock-solid lying to where people don’t even suspect you because of your poker face, quick thinking, etc.

Let’s put it this way: people with good charisma are often good at deception, but people who are good at deception aren’t necessarily charismatic. :slight_smile:


Will the mom hate a boy MC more than a girl MC?


In a normal story, yes, (because that would connect the mc to their father even more in her eyes) but I’m not sure if I’ll end up making gender change anything but pronouns.


This game is going to be fascinating!


Can we get to do arrogant things, like leaving little pieces of evidence and refusing to kill the heroes ?


For sure. You’ll actually be a village guard, working with a group, including the captain, to find the murderer (you.)


So we’re kinda like Scott shelby from heavy rain ? In the sense that he watched his brother drown, and that he uses his position as a detective to cover his tracks


I haven’t heard of Heavy Rain, but yes, it sounds like there could be some similarities.

Hmmm…I’ll probably regret this, but I’m actually considering splitting my time three ways between Misery, Bovine, and Murderer. So after finishing Chapter 3 of Misery, I would write Chapter 4 of Bovine, then Chapter 1 of Murderer, and then go down the line again.


Hmm, I too think charisma and deception are intertwined here and could be made into 1 stat. Call it “mask” maybe?

But you’d already be deceiving people in this case. Remove the “mask” and you’re left with a cold, pragmatic and highly rational individual who won’t move a finger unless it somehow benefits them. It would be kind of hard to deceive others without a charismatic mask to begin with imo, as you’d stand out like a sore thumb.

With that said, I wish you luck writing this WIP! I’m certainly intrigued where it’ll go :slight_smile:


Um, given the description of the MC’s objectives and methods, I’m not sure I’d call them “pragmatic” or “highly rational”. While I’m sure they can adopt a pragmatic outlook to reach their objectives, at their core, they are highly emotional.


I was under impression MC would turn out as a psychopath of sort?

Otherwise, yeah, it won’t be that relevant.


Well, the MC is sociopathic and psychopathic, and most of the time they can appear to be calm, cool, and collected on the outside, but on the inside (as Talyrion said), they’re very emotional. There will be tons of inner monologues followed by outer dialogue of the polar opposite. For example, something like this.

Damnit, what the fuck is she doing here? Meddling bitch. You smile and say, “What a pleasant surprise. Please, come in.”


@Samuel_H_Young Was this game inspired in part by The Binding of Isaac?


Never heard of it. :slight_smile: I will say that MMM was slightly inspired by an interview with serial killer Ed Kemper on youtube.


The intro of your WIP reminded me a little bit of the BoI intro. Link if you’re interested: