Mass Mother Murderer [4/15 Chapters, 55k words]



There is no need to lie. Simply tell them half of the whole truth.


If I get to say “Welcome to primetime b**ch” and smash somebody’s head into a thick tv, all my life goals will be met.


then newline would take action


yeah that’s understandable lol


I guess it’s too bad this is medieval fantasy, then.




Some news: I generally write about 1k per day, and I’m still planning on focusing on The Enchanter’s Misery and Winter of the Bovine. However, I’ve decided that on days when I don’t have work, and after I finish the 1k for TEM/WotB, I’ll try to write an additional 0.5k for MMM. This means progress will be quite slow, but at least it will be steady.


Slow progress is just fine by me.


No worries, I don’t mind slow progress, looking forward to playing the full game.

I’ve always been drawn to the villains for some reason so this story is right up my alley.


Well, killers must have patience…


For some unknown reason, I like listening to this song while writing MMM. :thinking:


It would be hilarious if there was a point where your MC is talking to someone about their sister (not about her drowning) and you could choose a response like “IT WASNT ME!” and then they just abruptly shut up because nobody knows she drowned and you were around

More Inspiration


We could turn Mom into that

Nothing a little bleach, lime and a fruit knife can’t sort

Waaaaaaait are those braces I see…


That is terrifying. XD


@Samuel_H_Young Here’s another. Its heavier, and the vocalist has a demonic voice, but the lyrics fit so well and so do the riffs.

Edit: Shit. Forgot how to actually embed the video. It used to automatically do it.


That’s a cool song, and it does fit well!


The title alone should have given it away. :laughing:


I bet a Justin Bieber song would be more befitting. :laughing: