Mass Mother Murderer [4/15 Chapters, 55k words]



Where’s the fun in that ?


Success is the fun in that.


Wow I don’t know what to say but this is too amazing and intriguing can’t wait for more :smiley:


So unlike many other serial killers I’ve read about, each of the MC’s murders are steps towards reaching a certain objective (in this case, killing our mother) rather than fulling some sick sexual fantasy or becoming famous. My question is if/when we finally kill her, are we going to stop killing people? Would we even be able to?


A lecture I heard a long time ago from someone that was in the FBI categorized serial killing as a hobby.

A hobby for people who lack the empathy to find another hobby to occupy their time like text games. :slight_smile:

And just like other hobbies, it might be abandoned, like being too busy, fear of getting caught, whatever.

Hence some serial killers going years between kills.

For example, Robert Hanson was a hunter who upgraded to two legged prey, the Zodiac Killer claimed in a letter that hunting humans was more fun than hunting animals.


N…not 30 minutes :frowning: ?


Yes, the killings are a part of a grand revenge plot which I think is more interesting. :slight_smile: I think whether the MC would plan on killing after that would be up to them.


What the hell would you talk about for 30 minutes…? Your life story???


Only joking :joy: no, any monologuing would hopefully be intense and succinct rather than drawn out and corny.


I’m going to monologue for 30 minutes about my favorite pasta recipe


When you finally kill your mother.


Uh I mean…happy Mother’s Day? O.O


In the darkness he stood, surrounded by the pitch black like it was his demons finally breaking out and flowing free all around him. All the monster’s mother could do was breathe panicking and stare at the spectre as he advanced slowly upon her, sickle in hand and mask around his head like his second, true face. The woman tries desperately to crawl away as the enraged, insane man finally closes in, sickle raised, and-out of nowhere, produces a box of chocolates from his coat with his free hand. “Happy Mother’s Day!”


I guess IM a sociopath then…

With hints of psyco difference is I can love and show(slight) morality. But if someone messes with me…


Oh boy. xD (20 motherhecking characters.)


Lol I’m usually a pretty nice guy :+1:

Or am I…


Have you ever read a book called The Red Dragon? It’s about a sociopath path and it’s written by the same guy who wrote the Hannibal Series. I dunno, but the premise just brought it to mind.


I hadn’t heard of it but it sounds cool.


The Red Dragon is sorta a part of Hannibal universe, Dolarhyde is also main antagonist of Hannibal S3 TV series…


It is part of the Hannibal canon, as The Dragon did get advice from Hannibal in response to his killings. And yeah, I watched the television show as well, fairly accurate depiction.


I just finished the whole rough outline for MMM, and it’s looking like there will be 7 chapters of about 35k words each. :slight_smile:


Cool!! I can’t wait for all 7 chapters!:smirk: