Mass Mother Murderer [4/15 Chapters, 55k words]



Is there an extended demo or something where i meet the other characters like Abella and Devero, and get magic? Because the demo at the top post just stops after you try to kill your mother.


That’s all there is right now.


Feels like something a serial killer would say, I think!

… ok, I guess non serial killers would also say it.


What? Me, a serial killer? No, no, no. I’m trying to be a forensic investigator. Our motto is “We can’t run fast enough to be a killer, so we help catch them instead.” :ok_hand:


Question: As a serial killer, will our character have the ability to either be more down to earth and realistic or more over the top like those in the movies?


So basically be Freddy and Jason?


I mean that would be pretty cool :yum:


I’ll be giving multiple choices so you can choose your style. :slight_smile:


I think the part where you say horny men find her pretty is kinda weird.
I mean how would you know what horny even means when you’re 8 o.o


Guys, seriously? You realize this is a serial killer game, right?


Still even as a killer you won’t truly know what it means (since you never felt it yourself).
You could maybe hear the word from your mom but you don’t seem too close to each-other too


It’s supposed to be cringey and weird. Stuff like that will be all throughout the story so I don’t know what to tell ya.


I tought that it added to the feeling that MC is disconnected to such feelings and that he/she is looking down on people that feel attracted to her


I mean, a lot of killers get up to nasty junk at a young age. It’s very possible for the MC to know what the word means. On top of that, their mother hardly seems like an upstanding citizen. They could have learned it from her or whoever she might have been sleeping around with. :neutral_face:


With that info, I’m 100% dropping one-liners whenever I can.


So, can we monologue in front of our victims ?
I can’t wait to have my MC drop the definition of insanity monologue and how doing whatever he wants whenever he wants sets him apart from everyone else and makes him by his own definition the only sane person


Ohhh, yes. Monologuing galore.


Everyone knows successful villains never monologue.


This one will. :smiling_imp: (if they choose)


Maybe like a 30 second monologue. That’s reasonable.