Mass Mother Murderer [3/14 Chapters, 35k words]


Okay, you all are undoubtedly very sick of me by now, but I have another big announcement to make. Over the past couple months, I have been kind of having an existential crisis. I am a very impulsive, emotional, indecisive person, so when MMM was initially rejected by HG, I started looking every which way for radical alternatives.

I obviously went through some great troubles to turn MMM into a novel and publish it that way, but I’ve decided against all of this for a few big reasons.

  • Self-publishing a novel is a barren wasteland.
  • Trying to get a publishing house to buy your novel is like trying to cut steel with a bar of soap.
  • I don’t WANT to write a novel. I want to write Hosted Games, and MMM was obviously intended as a HG.

All this said, I will be taking Hosted Games’ advice, and I’ll be re-writing MMM. Here are a list of the massive changes there will be:

  • Instead of having Anti-Social Personality Disorder, the MC will be a malignant introverted narcissist. Yours truly happens to have NPD, so this will be a much more accurate representation than the one I tried to display in the original MMM.
  • Although MMM will still be very dark, it will not have sexual abuse, and the MC will not maliciously watch their sister drown.
  • The MC’s murders will be directed towards “bad” people so that they will have more excuses for their crimes.
  • As stated above, the MC will be a malignant introverted narcissist. This entails blunted empathy, grandiosity, arrogance, and entitlement. However, the MC will still feel shame, remorse, etc, and they won’t be sadistic and completely amoral.

So, you can kind of think of this as a bit closer to Fallen Hero than the American Psycho type story I had before.

Cover Art:

Fan Art by @koshi:

You’re not a bad person. Not really. But when your little sister drowned and you weren’t able to save her, your mother didn’t see it that way. And through her savage bouts of revenge and her cold, relentless hatred of you, she created a monster.

Mass Mother Murderer is an epic thriller where you play as a serial killer determined to get revenge on your abusive mother by any means necessary. Struggle with feelings of intense rage, ambition, fear, and sorrow as you become the greatest villain your village has ever seen.

What there will be when the story is complete:

  • Play as male, female, or non-binary; romance males, females, both, or no one at all
  • Play as a conflicted and remorseful serial killer
  • 200k words total
  • 4 romance options: 2 males and 2 females. (Garad, Devero, Abella, and Cherihl)
  • Play as a magician and choose between three kinds of magic: possession, phantom, or elemental

Who are your favorite characters?

What magic types did you choose to have?

Word Count:
Chapter One: 12k
Chapter Two: 14k
Chapter Three: 9k so far
Chapter Four: ?
Chapter Five: ?
Chapter Six: ?
Chapter Seven: ?
Chapter Eight: ?
Chapter Nine: ?
Chapter Ten: ?
Chapter Eleven: ?
Chapter Twelve: ?
Chapter Thirteen: ?
Chapter Fourteen: ?

Total: 35k
Play-through length: 18k


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Frequently Asked Questions:

  • “Will you make the original demo available?”
    No. I’ll be turning it into a novel series and self-publishing it as the gamebooks come out.

So more of a Dexter character?


In some ways, yes!


Great can’t wait! :grin:
Will the whole thing be written, and because you already have a base from the previous will it be somewhat easier?


Oh my god. You’re back! I really missed the demo despite what people said.



For sure. I’d say re-writing 210k words will be kind of like writing 100k words from scratch. So it might take about 4 months, but then we should be good to go. :+1:


I bumped my head on the cupboard when I read this, I’m still happy though. :sob: I’m so happy.


So excited for this!! Hopefully the ROs will not hate us as much as the previous one if we kill bad guys.


I always thought that a somewhat more relatable character would help this story.

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Well at least the MC could be a little likeable now :joy:. I still loved the old one, but I’m happy if this get published. Goodluck!


:unamused: so basically its too dark for HG so they’re making you tone it down…awww why don’t they just add a Restricted Reading 18+ section in?,


I have to say while I respect your decision I will not purchase the game or play the game. The change is just too radical in my opinion and it is no longer the game it should have been. While I understand it and respect it, I do not agree with it. Hosted Games is just not the place for the game sense it refuse to have a mature imprint for the game. In my opinion it is censorship and I will never support censorship in any medium. The fact that Hosted Games refuses to publish it or make a mature imprint to publish it proves that they do not care about adult content and will never embrace it. Every major game publisher does, every TV show company is willing to make mature dark content. But Hosted Games is not, and this proves in my mind that they are behind on the times and will never adapt to any changes.

Wish for the best though :slight_smile:


COG is a feminist company. At the end of the day, they’re gonna have their own standards, its their company. I may not fully agree with it, but I understand.


I understand that, but I will not support it.


@jmar and @JordanQuimby
I get what you guys mean. Trust me, this isn’t ideal for me either, but sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do.

In the end, I will still put just as much passion into the story as I did before, and I hope to make it live up to the original and also attract more readers from less mature audiences.


I get that…but i just dont like him having to rewrite his story because it… thats all


He could just host the original version on dashindon.


Yeah but then how will I buy my Tesla?


:thinking: does Choice/Host Games have any competition when it comes to interactive novels?


Idk, its a niche they fulfil.