Mass Mother Murderer [12.5/13 Chapters, 185k words]



Oh, wow, that is really similar in a lot of ways. I guess great minds think alike. :stuck_out_tongue:


Probably they’ll just be elaborate dances of ‘I Pretend to like you to get X’ , ‘You intrigue me’ , or ‘How lovely you are, I’d love to add your pretty skull to my collection’.


A serial killer protagonist… Yeah, I’m all about this. It’s the inverse of my beloved detective stories. Even when I’m a more chaotic or evil character, I usually have a soft spot or two, so it’ll be interesting playing one where I’m incapable of truly caring for anyone.


Damn this is intense, I love it.
Will we be able to have some compassion and humanity if we choose to? Like towards the ROs?


Glad you’re enjoying it! Because of your psychopathic and sociopathic disorders, you are unable to have compassion or even understand it. You will be able to fake it in certain circumstances, though. Like you may like an RO because of what they can give you or because you find them interesting, but you wouldn’t truly care about them.


this is intriguing! I cant say it’ll be fun being a serial killer, but it will be interesting, and i’m excited to see how this goes :smile:

I’m curious about the setting and how it might affect the capability of the authorities to discover who the killer is, if that makes sense. Like, can magic aid their investigation? And if it can, are we the go-to enchanter, which lets us further impede progress, or is it another obstacle for us to overcome? Thanks to a professor, I have a morbid interest in serial killer cases from before the discovery of DNA-- partly because of how much they could get away with that would not work today and partly because of how different the investigative process was, so I’m really excited to see how the investigation is handled and how we cover our tracks in a fantasy setting like this.

Also, the part about being on the team investigating the murders? that’s good. that’s really good. irony is my first and only love so i am really happy to hear this.

I’m looking forward to this :slight_smile:


Glad it’s going good for you.


Yeaaah… But those mother’s are abusive towards their children right? The ones we kill I mean…


I’m afraid that’s not how it works. Heck, there’s no indication our other victims are even mothers, they’re just target practice.

All in all, I get the impression that people should really not try to delude themselves into thinking the MC may be a good person, not even slightly.


Well this is intriguing.


So, will the heroes be the typical goodie two shoes, refusing to kill the MC, trying to help them. Or would they not hesitate to kill the MC if it meant the safety of others ?


It doesn’t matter… They are dying


( PS : I hope the detective is a girl so I have one more dummy to practice on. (Just like it happens in movies just ending differently :smiling_imp:) )


Yes, you’ll actually be the vice-captain so that will make it especially interesting. :slight_smile: This story is set in Lume, the same world as Trial of the Demon Hunter, The Magician’s Burden, and The Enchanter’s Misery. There will be another enchanter on the force, so that will make it more difficult to not get caught.

No, and they wouldn’t necessarily be mothers, anyway. Hell, one of the victims will be a man that you dress up like your mother. But in your mind, they are your mother.

Got ninja’d by @Talyrion :smiley: yes. The MC is a horrible piece of shit who tortures and murders people for practice so they can finally face their mother without being terrified and murder her too.

Some heroes will be more “good” than others, but getting caught would mean a summary execution. :slight_smile:

There will be six other people in the guard force working to find the killer. All of them are ROs and 3 are male, 3 are female.

Thanks! :slight_smile:


Yeah, this is going to end well.

(future plans for after mom’s business is finished: find a perfectly nice serial killer to grab a coffee with, gushing about our common hobby and exchanging pointers)


You find the serial killer and they start talking to you all casual like…


So the bromance between Will Graham and Hannibal Lecter can now finally turn into Romance… Noice!


There’s only room for one serial killer in this town. :smirk:


Well I’m open to long distance relationship too! :smile:


In fact, given what kind of person we’re talking about, it might be safer, even.


So you’re going for the Dexter approach…except genuinely being a serial killer. FYI, I never watched it but got the gist.