Mass Mother Murderer [12.5/13 Chapters, 185k words]



I thought the marked choice was meant


Thanks, I’ll fix that typo tonight.


Could we choose whether we’re sociopath or scyopath . That way I could make my character no so brutal


Nope. :slight_smile: Though the severity of your manipulation and barbarism towards people can still vary a bit between choices.


This story is heart breaking epically when the sister drowns I just wanna save her or feel bad about it :sob:


Spelling error, in the voodoo magic description.

Finally, you’re most interesting spell of all is the blindness spell.




You already have the girl in your basement, can’t play that off, unless you go for a mixed signals, I thought you liked bondage, sorta thing.

I’m either going, full out torture, or please talk to me mommy, therapy.


This is relevant :joy::joy::joy:

Also, I just finished watching Mindhunter on netflix. As a story about FBI agents interviewing serial killers, it was really interesting and illuminating, especially since Ed Kemper, one of the inspirations for MMM, was one of the main characters.

Speaking of that…if you think about how baffled people were about even just the concept of serial killers in the 70s, just imagine how flabbergasted they must have been about them in the medieval times. :grimacing: I think this might actually be the first story about a medieval serial killer, now that I think about it.


Nice!! Mindhunters is one of my favorite tv series! Also you should watch Hannibal (tv show) it’s on Netflix too, for more in-depth research about psychology behind the Craziness!


Hmmm…? Quick question before I start the demo, how can there be romance options when the MC can know no feelings of love and longing? I feel like I’m missing something, the MC IS a psyocpath, right? Maybe it’s just the MC deluding themselves to care about another if they’ve proved their usefulness to them…?


Probs just there interested in something else… you know what


Oh right, man I’m overthinking things.


Good question. It’s basically about manipulation and sex at that point, and there’s also a “I find this person interesting” angle. It’s fucked up behind the scenes but it can largely play out like a regular romance on the outside, just with the MC faking love.

A lot of serial killers were married with seemingly normal relationships. Some of them, like a good number of the sociopaths, actually cared about their significant others. Others, the psychopaths, would have solely been using them for obvious reasons and also using them to integrate into society more convincingly.


Sooo, the firstdraft title for MMM was Murderous Motherfucker. :grimacing:


Inaccurate, unless, she didn’t, did she?


Well shit, you wouldn’t be able to touch any App Store with ten foot stick with a name like that.


Yeah, that’s why I decided to change it. :stuck_out_tongue: plus, I think Mass Mother Murderer is better, anyways.


Alliteration is always the advised application of titular appropriation, approved to prevent avocation of Profanity in an all-viewing appstore environment, easy to start, needs an expert to part.
Don’t go on a raging rampage for my appliance of alliterative rhyme, just sing the sounds or you’re going to have a bad time.


It’s really interesting that the two characters with polar opposite abilities, personalities, and motivations, are also by far the two most popular in the “favorite character” poll. (The MC and Devero.) :slight_smile:


I imagine they’d have attributed it to supernatural causes, as with Peter Stump (one of the earliest recorded ‘werewolves’). Which makes it more interesting that the MC is a potentially shady mage. I can’t remember if Gilles de Rais and Elizabeth Bathory were also considered supernatural.

Like the rapist-murderer Peter Kurten, who reportedly felt a bit guilty that his acts constituted infidelity.

In general: this is the most distubing serial-killer story, period, that I’ve read in a long time (and I mean this in the nicest possible way). I came in expecting a thrilling hack-and-slash-fest (Friday the 13th, but with magic). Instead, you hit me over the head with a brutal depiction of just how broken and tawdry someone like the MC is.

What really hits it home is the contrast between the way the MC cringes around their mother (who is a lot weaker than they are), similarly to several serial killers, and the way they treat Margo (a harmless, rather maternal character it’s hard not to feel sympathy for).

Well done, sir.