Mass Mother Murderer [12.5/13 Chapters, 185k words]



If the current demo set you on edge, it’s safe to say the rest will creep you out and disturb you even more. This is just a teaser (:smirk::smirk::smirk:) of what’s to come.


… I am slightly disturbed by how eager I am to see more of this project. :innocent:


I’m gonna finish Chapter 3 of Misery and then write the last 3 chapters of Bovine. That should take roughly 2 months, and then I’ll write Chapter 1 of MMM. :slight_smile: Glad to hear you’re eager!


One thing is certain, though. Given this kind of protagonist, romances are going to be… interesting.


Yeah, basically any real relationship will be faked. The MC is incapable of caring about others or understanding their pain, or considering them in any way. But, like many serial killers, the MC will be adept at wearing a mask and showing people what they want to see. (See the charismatic option in the last choice of the demo for an example.)

But, of course, there will be zero sexual abuse in this story for obvious reasons, as realistic as that would be.


Really interesting…


Fun! I’ve always been fascinated by serial killers so this is sure to be a favorite of mine.


Just a thought of mine, but shouldn’t the option that rises your charisma also rise your deception stat?



I am both intrigued and slightly scared at what I’m about to read.


Good, good I will enjoy this! Hehehe


Remind me of when my mother used to hit me.


Is it weird for me to say that I’ve been waiting for a game like this forever? :sweat_smile: now I don’t feel like that much of a weirdo for finding serial killers interesting. Excited to see where you go with this game!


OoOo Dark humor me likey


shouldn’t the option that rises your charisma also rise your deception stat

And if you choose to only make the choice raise one stat, I think it should raise the deception stat instead.


Oooooh. Nifty~! :astonished:


I usually prefer playing the hero, but this game has my attention.


So our MC is meant to have no moral code at all, right? So we’ll be less Dexter and more… Ted Bundy? :thinking:

Edit: I mean murder-wise as in we don’t really care who we kill and whether they were innocent or not.


Dayumm…so I’m guessing mc hated her mother for always favouring her sister and mc starts hating all mothers and goes on a killing spree? :sweat_smile:


It’s such a good (unfortunately only) teaser! This game will be right up my alley, I’m so intrigued by serial killers, psychopaths, sociopaths… and here I can play one :smiling_imp:

The only one wip I’m aware of where you can do something similar is Monsters(WIP)- updated 04/27/17 -Link is updated (one of my favourites - my fellow fans of the dark stories, you should check it).

So thank you @Samuel_H_Young for making this one, I’m waiting not so patiently for it :slight_smile: :dagger::dagger::hocho::dagger::dagger:


Why is the younger sister mom’s favorite?