Mass Mother Murderer [12/14 Chapters, 166k words]



I’m having writer’s block on those, so rather than agonize over them and write them at a snail’s pace, I moved on to later material. Though I’ll be getting back to writing them after I post chapter 12.

Well damn. :flushed: Less emotional in the sequels it is.


Is there any way to romance any townsfolk? Those who aren’t guards?




It feels strange that other players get to decide this about my mc


There are alot of people who still participate in the voodoo religion along side their main ones.


Yup, especialy christians, there are a lot of ‘crossovers’ between the two, many people who follow voodo also consider themself somewhat christian


Yeah, I mean you’ll still get choices throughout the story for how to act, too. But the MC is obviously very defined and in MMM, hatred and anger are big parts of their personality regardless of the player’s choices.

Things won’t change completely but I do think it would make sense for them to change slightly in the sequels. They would have less reasons to be so angry, and they’re also the type of person to be like: “I want to be more controlled simply because I don’t want my mother to have so much control over me.”


Though out of curiosity, who did you have in mind?


Is it out? Chapter 12 i mean




If it was, I would have said so.


TBH I don’t understand why people always think of a psychopath being some sorta serial killer, TBH most psychopaths just have jobs where they have power and influence like, CEO, Lawyers, Politicians their all the best jobs for a psychopath, sociopaths on the other hand are a much different story so I guess they are the people more likely to kill in life.


I never once said or implied that most psychopaths are killers. But this is a story about a psychopathic serial killer. Not a psychopathic lawyer or politician.


Just me, but I see my MC as being full of all negative emotions, but the sense of empowerment he gets through killing and holding the town in fear is a new ‘positive’ emotion. He wouldn’t be a “destroy the world” supervillain but a “heel on the world’s neck” type. That’s why I see him as not emotionally rabid after killing his mother (assuming he does).



Chapter 12 is now on the demo. It amounted to 10k, which brings the total word count to 161k. Now, in this chapter, the MC makes two very controversial decisions. I’m sure you’ll know it when you see them, and my reasoning is simple: the MC is hateful, spiteful, vindictive, and endlessly arrogant and confident in their own abilities.

I hope you enjoy the update, and as usual, comments, feedback, typo spotting, and bug spotting are much appreciated.



Hoo boy, that was probably my favorite chapter so far. Joy really is turning out to be more trouble than we bargained for, seriously, how the hell did she even break out of those chains? I also feel bad for Mercier, but he had it coming.

Also, I wonder, now that our beloved serial killer is in a suitably terrible position, shall he be seeking Kel’s assistance (if we have enough relationship points with him)? He is probably my favorite NPC so far. I’m guessing he really could help if we wanted to, what’s with his extreme intelligence and all.

We just got too many damn forces working against us.

Anyway, here's a few typos:

…and you wouldn’t be surprised if her previous resenment of you had a role to play in how much she suspects you.


Second of all, and more importantly, the whole village will soon believe that Mercier is the real murderer one Garad finds Margo’s bloody work shirt.


…“You’ll get a lot of shit for it, but you may as well do things the best way you know how, or it might actually be inneficient.”


Some time later, the three of you are back in the streets, making your way towards Ke’s house.


…rummaging through baskets of dirty laundry, drawers of miscalaneous shit, and cabinets full of spoiled food in search for evidence.


“I don’t know how you orchestrated all of this, but but you deserve my congratulations.”

There are two ‘but’ s.

…“but I thought it would look bad if well just stood there and let him wail on someone in our custody.”


After glancing around to make sure no one else is within earshot, she gives you a conspiritorial grin and whispers,


…It’s about time I got some recognition around her, but I wouldn’t expect anything else from my sweet, sexy boyfriend."


You’re in no particular hurry, though, so you just casually stroll down the streetm savoring the biggest victory you’ve had in some time.


By now, it seems that Mercier has almost los consciousness.



I think Abella had something to do with Joy’s escape.


Spelling errors in chapter 12.

You all know I’ve been as squeeky clean



Welp, the need to kill everyone in the village keeps growing, I say!

(I am also incredibly disappointed in the taste of the voters for that last poll. This is why we can’t have nice things!)