Mass Mother Murderer [12/14 Chapters, 166k words]



Channeling shit from before college is how I make a mentality to play your game. I came out of elementary school with PTSD and high school with broken bones and missing teeth. I’m literally weaker from what didn’t kill me.

Vent. Get it out. I had a very rich ‘fantasy’ life back then, but I just didn’t put it out in writing. Loosen the valve, but also look for some healthy and enjoyable things, too.


Oh, this is a very valid point. MC definitely doesn’t do that from all indications, why is that branch of magic called voodoo?


Voodoo isn’t a branch of magic its more of a religion thats has magic and ritual practices from several different west african tribes and the taino(indigenous people of the carribeans). So idk why he called it voodoo but from what I played it seems to be more likely to be hoodoo magic they often get mixed up


Should have been clearer, I meant to ask @Samuel_H_Young why the in-game branch of magic is called voodoo.


I assume it’s called that because of Voodoo dolls. With a Voodoo doll you can control someone’s body, which you can with this branch of magic. E.g. you can blind or paralyse people.


That’s definitely the reference/influence but voodoo dolls aren’t actually a part of voodoo. It’s a misconception. Then again, this does take place in the 1800s, so I suppose that sort of labeling makes more sense than an accurate one.

edit: nvm, I very barely know what I’m talking about


Correct on the doll part but they only started calling them voodoo dolls during the 20th century its really more of a european witch thing


No, this is set in a fictional world. I was thinking of voodoo dolls when I made voodoo magic, but I suppose I should think of something else.

This is set in a fictional world, Lume, but the time period is comparable to maybe the 1000s.

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Thanks, guys. :hugs: I’ll respond more in depth to you two when I get a chance. I’m at work atm.


Is there any specific reason why you turned the love of my life, the sweet, endearing Abella against me?


You ain’t seen nothin yet. :grimacing:

I love that lyric. That’s a way more accurate and actually helpful saying.


Exactly. :frowning:

Thanks again. The “funny” thing is that when I try to vent in healthy ways like chess or bowling, I get outlandishly, embarassingly mad if I do something stupid like dropping a piece or making a terrible shot. On the other hand, I never get mad when writing, even if the stuff I’m writing could be considered unhealthy to a lot of people.


I prefer it being called Voodoo TBH. It’s a more recognisable term.

I think after the sex scene in chapter 10, we should be able to do a couple of activities as well.


The sex scenes end up being more content than the “stay at home alone” scene and they’d end up being more time consuming for the MC, too.

On a lighter note:


dye stopped being as expensive and therefor stopped being a mark of status, that’s what happened


It seems more like witch magic hexes and curses tbh It reminds me a lot of the magic in the new sabrina the teenage witch


Incidentally, would you be willing to change the name of the ‘voodoo mage’? It feels rather like a cultural appropriation of Vodou–I don’t think you intended to do so, just that the pop-culture misuse of ‘voodoo’ has entered our vocabulary.

  • You awake the next morning, feeling rejuvinated with fresh magical energy coursing through you. Of course, the sun hasn’t even risen yet, but you’ve never been someone who’s needed much sleep to function properly. Rising from your bed, you immediately head towards the basement, your heart already beginning to thud loudly with anticipation. Finally, after multiple days of having Margo trapped here, it’s time for her to die. At long last, you will kill your mother for the very first time.

    • rejuvenated

  • After taking a deep breath, you drop to the floor and begin your push-ups. After all these years, your form and breathing techniques are practically perfect, allowing you to be as efficient as possible. Before long, you have done well over forty push-ups, and by then, every breath feels like ice in your lungs and your chest and arms burn like fire. Only when you have counted fifty repititions and you’re a second away from collapsing out of exhaustion do you slowly rise to your feet.

    • repetitions

  • The two start laughing as you just continue on your way, but as irritating as this is, pathetic villagers are far beneath you. Besides, little do they know, but it looks like they’ll be missing out on their precious strawbery pastries for longer than just a couple days. With a puff of air, you quicken your stride ever so slightly but otherwise give them no reaction. Considering you’re undoubtedly the most powerful person in the village, you could easily slaughter ingrates like these who dare to insult you.

    • strawberry

  • Finally, you arrive at the back of a building in an alleway. Even from out here, you can hear the sounds of dishes clanging about and people bustling around inside. Garad cracks his knuckles and then walks towards the door, saying gruffly, “Alright, let’s go.”

    • alleyway

  • “Our first suspect is Mercier, Margo’s ex-boyfriend. Unlike the others, he has only been involved with petty bar fights, minor theft, and other smaller crimes of the like. His connection to our missing person and his supposed abuse of her, however, makes him suspicious. According to Stefen, Margo’s brother; and a few other suspects, he was known to fly into jealous rages and strike her on multiple occassions, though she never chose to report him officially.”

    • occasions

  • Garad shrugs and grunts, “Sure, but people like that never really change. He’s likely just lying low for now, and it would be foolish of me not to take someone like him seriously.” After a pause, he continues, “Finally, we have Kat, a burglar who is now on parol after spending several years in prison. She robbed several different businesses and homes, targeting their safes and most valuable items. Although she rarely ran into any of the owners of the stores, she was known to use sleeping gas on multiple occassions to incapacitate her victims while she rummaged through their houses.”

    • parole, occasions

  • Margo’s probably in some freak’s basement and you hacks are seriously wasting your time interrogating me about it?!"

    • “I take offense to that”

  • The baker’s ex-boyfriend doesn’t seem mullified at all. He scoffs and grunts, “No, I didn’t see her at all, and I’m not going to admit to something I didn’t do.”

    • mollified

  • “Is coersion the tactic you’re really going to go with, vice-captain?” he says in a soft tone, as if talking to a child he was disappointed in. “I’ve never seen such an obvious attempt, and I assure you, it won’t get you anywhere.”

    • coercion

  • Now that all three of the suspects have been interrogated thoroughly, Garad sends them off and has you and the other investigators gather into the interrogation room. “Well,” he says gruffly, massaging at his temples, "although each one of them seemed a little suspicious, they didn’t confess or give us any valuable informaton, so I don’t think it’s a wise use of our time to continue spending so much energy on them.

    • information
  • After saying goodbye to your team, you exit the guard tower, eager to get home. Unlike the others, though, you aren’t going to spend your time unwinding or trying to catch some extra rest. No, you’ll be waiting until midnight has creeped over the village, and then you’ll go abduct your next victim.

  • Demon’s Breath is an expensive and highly illegal drug that comes from a flower almost exclusively found in the Larazi Desert. When its seeds are ground into a fine powder and mixed with a variety of chemicals, they can be used to alter a victim’s state of mind, making them highly agreeable and submissive. After a painstaking and costly process, you were able to acquire some of this powder from the black market, and you even embued it with your own magic to make it more powerful.
    • imbued

Your look of mild amusement changes to one of cold hatred. As insufferable as this little wretch is, at least he has some fire and fight to him, unlike that pathetic welp, Margo. Still, you’re quickly growing tired of his drivel. It’s time he learned who’s really in charge here.

Then again…he’ll suffer plenty in just a few short moments, and you have something special planned for his murder. You want to show him that he has absolutely no control over you, even with something so little as testing your nerves. This is your domain, and he’s just a little insect caught in your web. Taking a deep breath, you stand to your feet and walk over to the corner of the room, where a large tarp covers something. Werner’s eyes follow you and a worried expression grows on his face as you grab onto the tarp.

  • Then, with a grunt, you lift it up and cast it to the side, revealing what was hidden underneath. The archer lets out a shout of shock as he sees Margo’s dead, bloody body now covered with flies. With nothing covering it, the corpse releases an overwhelming stench of decay that assaults your nose. Strangely enough, it doesn’t actually bother you too much. You suppose you’re getting used to it by now, which can only be a good thing.

    • I burned my clothes but kept the corpse… ten again I also decided to kill again while the investigation is going on…

*Even so, you can’t help but chuckle at this baseless threat. By way of answer, you clamp down onto his middle fingernail and wrench your arm back, seperating the nail from his finger with a sickening squelch and a spray of blood. Werner lets out an ear-splitting scream and desperately tries to pull himself away, but you just grip harder onto his hand, making it grow red as blood flows from his mangled fingertip like a waterfall. A low sob builds in his throat as he pants, unable to look you in the eye. “You’re not even human,” he croaks.

  • separating

  • You give him an evil grin, readying the pliars once more. “No, I’m something much better.”

    • pliers

Ah figures, people telepathically know when you masturbate to them, and like it.

  • Your body feels weightless and completely relaxed, and for the first time in a very long time, you actually feel peaceful. Fluid, warm shapes slowly dance across your vision, lulling you. Before you even realize it, you’ve fallen asleep. When you open your eyes some time later, your heart is beating at a calm, slow pace, and you feel fresh and rejuvinated. Well, after all the hard work you’ve been doing, that was a much needed break from reality.

    • rejuvenated


Thanks for pointing out those typos.

No telepathy involved, the relationship bars just have something to do with the MC’s opinions of the characters, too.


Vodoo is part of my culture and i can tell you it’s somewhat dying and would already be dead if it wasn’t for the pop culture misuse that get young ones interested so they can get into the actual culture, so i’m no actual representent to give permission (not that i think it’s needed) but as someone who has some insight in it, i can say it’s actualy welcome

also voodoo is closely linked to religion and consider itself mostly as universal, it’s for everyone


Sooo, I’ll be posting Chapter 12 tomorrow. :face_with_hand_over_mouth:


What about the date and sex scenes??