Mass Mother Murderer [12/14 Chapters, 166k words]



Is this evolving into a medieval superhero (supervillain) story?


Basically. :smiling_imp:

I do want to add that despite Garad and Abella having a few more choices than Devero or Cherihl, Dev is still the most popular RO. So in the end, people seem to gravitate to who they find the most interesting, rather than who technically has the most interaction.

I could add a couple more scenes with Dev and Cherihl, of course, but in the end, MMM is a story of hatred and revenge, and the MC will always have a bit of tunnel vision when it comes to killing Edina.


That’s reasonable, and fair. Cherihl will always be my favorite, though.

Also, will there be some kind of flavor text or references recalling when we decided who was our greatest threat, and we (correctly) chose Abella?


For sure. This will be referenced a couple times as the climax progresses.

Most of you have probably realized this, but in regards to how much an overal threat to the MC is in the investigation, it goes:

  • Abella: :triumph:
  • Garad: :unamused:
  • Cherihl: :neutral_face:
  • Dev: :joy:


Ye I never liked Abella, I’m gonna steal her own bow from her and Katniss her ass.

so… Can we make our RO a mindslave by brainwashing them in the basement. MK Ultra that :poop:


Well gowdayum.


Abella needs to accidentally get lobotomized. Garad can just get chained to a bed indefinitely. The other two seem pretty nonthreatening.


Hey, everyone, @talyrion brought to my attention that savegames for The Enchanter’s Misery and Mass Mother Murderer were overriding one another, so I changed the savegame codes in each of my WIPs so this won’t happen anymore. Thanks to @winter for explaining how to do this.

This means your current savegames will be void, but you can always make new ones!

I also forgot to mention that I didn’t give options to use voodoo magic, phantom magic, darts, or a crossbow against the guards in Chapter 9 because, being outnumbered and with your enemies so close, you would be overrun.


In chapter 4.

Still, wouldn’t it be a bit of a waste if he didn’t at least charge one of these idiots with something, even if it’s minor?



Omg​:joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:!!! Dev is too pure to suspect the MC.


Just played through the update and two things come to my mind:

spoilers, duh

primo - we’re kinda in and out here with the relationship between mc and their mask when breaking into Kel’s place. Presumably, we approach the lock with a mask on, but then wipe a sweat from a brow. While that’s not really an issue in itself. afterwards mc is surprised to be recognised behind that mask, a fact that doesn’t stop Kel from noting “the impatience and confusion in your expression” on the next page, while on another we still have option to ask “what makes you think you know who’s behind this mask”

second primo - while Mercier’s break-in felt right, the rapid succesion of being led into a trap (or rather outplayed in very similar fashion) in Kel’s and Kat’s scenarios felt more like checking-off burned bridges to leave Mercier as last resort. Maybe I’d see it working out better for me personaly if whom to incriminate was left up to the player, dunno, just a thought :wink:


Good feedback! I’m out atm but I’ll look back at these tonight.


For some reason, I often forget about not showing facial expressions when the mask is on, but I’ll go back and fix those instances.

Your take on this makes sense, as I originally planned on making the MC choose between framing Kat or Kel rather than trying to frame them both. Then I remembered how I got a lot of negative reviews for The Magician’s Burden for making it so that, depending on your playthrough, you may see a character very little or quite a lot.

People seemed to assume that some characters lacked development whereas others had much more development because of this, so I’ve decided not to hide whole character scenes behind choices unless it’s for a romance route. I thought: do I really want half of my readers missing out on Kel’s blatant backstory monologue? Nah…

It also makes sense to me that the MC would go after Kat after they failed with Kel. Perhaps it might seem formulaic, but I think I’ll be keeping all three of the framing things in one playthrough. That said, any ideas on how to make things smoother are definitely welcome.


I think you should keep the choice of framing both Kel and Kat, but let the player chose in which order to frame them.
I.e. you chose to frame Kat first, then you try to frame Kel when framing Kat fails, and vice versa.


I could do that!


Also, this would be Devero:


Sooo I just finished chapter 11. It actually made me tense up when Abella accuses my MC of being the killer. Is there any way to change her mind?


You’ll have to find out in the remaining chapters. :slight_smile:

Awwww SHIT, I just thought of some more plot points for MMM and the sequel that will give me a ton of extra drive when writing tonight.


I hate everything in my life except writing. Working on MMM is the only thing I like doing anymore and it’s the only thing that keeps me sane and from spiraling too deep into depression. Everything else brings out my hatred and anger but this just calms me down and makes me look forward to tomorrow, if only so I can write just a little bit more of this story.

This isn’t just some game to me, and it’s not just about playing as a villain or being really dark. Every bit of anger, hatred, vindictiveness, and powerlessness that’s portrayed in this story is shit I feel every day.

My muscles burn every time I think about the things people have done to me, and at 23 years old I still want to kill the ones who bullied me in school. I still lay awake at night for hours thinking about how I was ostracized and tormented for a decade straight at home and at school, and I still have nightmares about them so bad that if it wasn’t for my dog, Izzy, I wouldn’t be able to sleep without my lights on.

People think that childhood trauma creates character, and that’s bullshit. Everything I’ve been through has instilled in me a vast array of problems that will never completely go away. Pyromania, kleptomania, explosive anger, narcissism, extreme introversion, insomnia, anxiety, etc.

I don’t know why I’m typing any of this, I don’t know if any of this is even leading to a point, and I don’t know if all this jumbled shit even makes any sense. But there it is.


I don’t know why you typed it either, but I’m sure I’m not the only person to appreciate it. The idiom that “what doesn’t kill us makes us stronger” honestly repulses me because it is such a false, harmful thing to hear and be told over and over when you’re struggling to deal with… reality. Especially a cruel reality. I can’t compare my childhood to yours, but I’ve lived with severe depression since middle school (just turned 27 now) and I completely understand both the sentiment of writing keeping you going when nothing else can and I also get the sentiment of writing out pure violence and malevolence as an outlet for pent up trauma and pain. Only thing is I wrote shitty poetry and you are writing an amazing, kinda captivating story and not only are you sharing it with all of us here, but you’ve written an interactive fiction, allowing all of us to be a part of the story as well.

So like, thanks. Please hang in there. For Izzy, for your art, and for yourself.

And idk if this is helpful at all, but I kind of made my favorite song lyric my life motto back in 2010: what doesn’t kill us makes us who we are. I’ve had to teach myself self-acceptance over constantly attempting to… I don’t know. Pretend I was getting better when I wasn’t. Convince myself I could get over things if I just tried harder.

anyway, MMM is my most anticipated one of these in literal years and that’s saying something cause I’m a massive IF nerd. I owe you a really in-depth feedback post sometime this week. I’ve got my own deviations and psychological… quirks lol that make this story an absolute thrill ride.

So again–thank you!!


Don’t want to play too much of the demo before it comes out but voodoo is a religion so does the mc worship african gods or? is he practicing hoodoo?