Mass Mother Murderer [12/14 Chapters, 166k words]



Obviously in such a partnership, Zaleth would the moral one of the pair. :innocent:


Zaleth to TMB’s MC: “Let me brutalize your bully so I can slap the shit out of your little brother later.”

Zaleth to MMM’s MC: “Jesus fucking-- wow, that’s a little – ok, I’m out.”


Yup, that’s also my impression, Zaleth is more like an asshole friend who keep trying to push you into getting drunk and throwing stones at someone’s house, he isn’t Mengele tier psycho like the MMM MC or even the other demon we saw at the end (given how he seemed scared of them)


When you be writing homosexual erotica at work all day :joy::joy::joy:


In chapter 5 the MC gains 3 mana, but the rest of the time they gain 2 mana.


I’m gonna promise that I’ll get Chapter 11 out tonight so that I’ll have to force myself to do it. :slight_smile:


I’m just here sipping my tea🍵!! waiting for those erotica scenes to be added!!


Those are on the way. The 4 sex scenes are the most in depth ones in MMM yet, though, and they’ll likely end up being 25k words total, so it’s slow going. So far I have 12k written for them.


Just played through this for the first time. I wanted to say that this has the potential to be my favorite IF story I’ve ever played. I enjoyed your other games a lot as well, but this one is absolutely fantastic.


Woohoo! That seems to be happening more and more often these days. :smiling_imp:


Chapter 11 is now on the demo. It amounted to 9k words, which brings the total word count of the demo to 151k.

In this chapter, you set out on another midnight mission to frame Kel, Kat, and Mercier for your crimes. I’m tired as shit so I didn’t have enough energy to finish a couple of options for how to break into Kat’s place, but the chapter is otherwise complete, and I should be finishing those two tomorrow.

As always, feedback, comments, typo spotting, and bug spotting are much appreciated. (There are always tons of ugly typos in my updates because I write quickly and I also type half of my work into my computer after writing it in a notebook at work.) I hope you enjoy.

Oh, yeah. We’ve also reached the beginning of the third and final act of MMM. :face_with_monocle:


I’m scared for the MC’s life ahaha, but I really enjoyed the update. I’m looking forward to how this will turn out!

  1. dominate

  2. truly


I stumbled upon an interesting bug here - though probably one that can’t be fixed, and that wouldn’t have any impact on the final product so I wouldn’t worry about it. Basically, I was playing through the Enchanter’s Misery WIP the other day and saved the progress, and when I saw this WIP just updated, I tried to load my previous save… and it loaded Enchanter’s Misery instead.

Seems like the protag finally snaped and got identity issues now!


Well, shit.

Even the savegames have abandoned The Enchanter’s Misery for MMM. :cry:

Or…what? Ignore me, I just wrote 3k words on like 30 minutes of sleep.


If it makes you feel any better I personally like Enchanter’s Misery better.


Works for me :grin: These are all my babies so I don’t pick favorites. Except for my first three games. We don’t talk about those.


Anyway, playing the last chapter, and… well, I foresee a nasty breakup between my MC and Abella very soon. Could get messy. :expressionless:


Jeez, that cliffhanger!

At this point, it feels like the MC is approaching the inevitable disaster with every single line being written. Failing terribly at framing both Kel and Kat? Also, I genuinely didn’t think the night patrol guards would report their encounter with us to Garad.

Boy, we are so screwed. That’s probably a good thing, though.


Ummm, yeah, the scene with MC and Abella at the end of chapter 11 does seem pretty out of place when you’re dating her and you don’t even have the option (yet) to pretend to be hurt by her accusations.


Spelling errors in chapter 11.

It would be so simple to killer her


You can hang onto the slimce chance


It creeks, making you grit your teeth


You need to stoy Joy’s ponytail away


In the option:
"Leaning in with a vicious smile, you say, “You know, I would consider it poor self-preservation to walk into a supposed killer’s home and threaten them when no one else is around.”

*set abella %-25
(+4 Intimidation, Abella Increases)

The bolded text should say “decreases”.

She swallows hard and and backpeddles


No one would suspect anyone to use a damn ladder to get up here



I’m gonna add in variations and choices for if you’re dating after I’ve posted the sex scenes, since that will give me more context.